List of Inactive Crypto Projects

The list on this page includes all of the cards, wallets, merchants and coin projects that were once listed on, but that are now not active anymore.

The inactivity can be due to bankruptcy, hacker attacks, scams, but it could also be due to the project being acquired by another company and changing its name in connection with that.


AdHive TokenALAX TokenAlt.Estate TokenANON CoinBata CoinBee TokenBezop TokenBitcoinZBitMax TokenBitNewChain CoinBitRent TokenBitRewards TokenBlitzPredict TokenBlockchain Quotations Index TokenBlocklancer TokenBlockport TokenBlockstack CoinBloxBridge Oracle TokenCandy TokenCARAT TokenClearPoll TokenConsensus TokenCrowns TokenCyber Movie Chain TokenDATx TokenDeutsche eMarkDigitalcoinDropil TokenDynamic Trading RightsEchoLink TokenElrond TokenElysian TokenEngagement TokenERA CoinExclusiveCoinExtStock TokenFantomCoinFirstBlood TokenFOIN CoinFORCE CoinGatechain TokenHade Platform TokenHaven Protocol CoinIxcoinJibrel NetworkKolion TokenKWHCoinLeverj TokenLindaCoinLinx CoinLive Stars CoinLoki CoinMachineCoinMallcoinMassGrid CoinMobius TokenMotoCoinNANJCOINNasdacoinNetCoinNexium TokenNOIA Network TokenOmnitude TokenOptiTokenPaxos StandardPenta CoinPlancoinPLATINCOINPlusCoinProChain TokenQuanta Utility TokenQuiztok TokenRate3 TokenRelex TokenRestart Energy MWAT TokenRPICoinSafe Exchange CoinSafeCoinSkinCoinSnowGem CoinSocial Send CoinSRCOINSuper BitcoinSuperior CoinTaaS CoinTime New Bank CoinTitcoinTriggers CoinTripio TokenTTC Protocol TokenUltraCoinUnify CoinUnitus CoinVcash CoinVestChain TokenViacoinVirtacoinVirtacoinplusVPNCoinvSlice TokenWeShow TokenWiki TokenZClassic CoinZCoinZelCash CoinZenCash CoinZenGold CoinZephyr Coin

Debit Cards