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Nuri’s digital assets services is an innovative solution that caters to a wide range of audiences. Its crypto wallet services can be classified into two distinct categories; Wallets and Vaults.

Nuri Vaults are designed for those users who prefer a non-custodial crypto management service, whereas the Nuri Wallets focused on users who prefer custody services. Both these product offerings are compatible with each other i.e. users can transfer cryptocurrencies from their Nuri Wallet to their Nuri Vault and vice-versa.

Nuri Wallet Review, Nuri Vault

Some of the key features of Nuri Wallet and Nuri Vault are listed below.

To ensure a higher degree of security, Nuri has partnered with Solaris Digital Assets for managed crypto custody services. Trades placed through the wallet are settled “extra fast” with zero network fees for Bitcoin trades. The wallet is created automatically by logging in with a Nuri account. The user can also use this account for a quick login, without relying on keys or a wallet password. Additionally, there is no risk of losing your keys. The account can always be restored by contacting the customer support team.

Nuri Wallet is equipped to recognise biometric markers like Facial ID or fingerprint recognition. This provides an extra layer of security and assurance.

Nuri Vault is designed for those users who are looking for non-custodial wallet services i.e. the user is fully in control of the security keys. Even Nuri cannot access your private keys. However, in a worst-case scenario where you lose your keys, recovering your vault is impossible.

Any trades or transactions entered through the wallet are settled on the blockchain network directly. Unlike the Nuri Wallet, Vault transactions will attract a network fee.

Nuri GmbH is registered in Germany and is a tied agent of the Berlin-based Banking-as-a-Service fintech company, Solarisbank AG. Formerly, Nuri operated under the name of Bitwala. The company decided to follow through with a rebranding initiative in May 2021.

Since the company’s inception in 2015, it has raised close to € 42.3 million from 8 funding rounds. The recent Series B funding round in June 2021 generated € 9 million from two investors; DIP Capital and Coparion. Some of the lead investors to date include venture capital firms like Sony Financial Ventures, Global Brain Corp, NKB Venture and Earlybird Venture Capital.

Nuri Wallet Review, Nuri Vault

Presently Nuri supports only Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, it is in plans to improve its service coverage to other cryptocurrencies as well.

Since the Ethereum blockchain charges a gas fee, Nuri Wallet users will be levied network fees for making transactions. A higher gas fee ensures speedy processing of the transactions and vice-versa. The user can manually adjust their gas fee using the Network Fee Slider.

As far as Bitcoin transactions are concerned, Nuri’s support centre claims that there would be Zero network fees when buying or selling BTC from its wallet.

We could not find any information on Nuri’s website which suggests that it supports ERC-721 tokens. So, we think that the Nuri Wallet is not compatible with NFTs, Crypto artworks or digital collectables.

We believe that Nuri Wallet services are easy to use. It also has many walkthrough articles on its support page with step-by-step usage instructions.

Nuri Wallet Review, Nuri Vault

Nuri Wallet adheres to the global standards in financial services. Opening an account with Nuri is not anonymous. Users have to undergo a KYC and verification process when setting up their accounts. It accepts users from Africa, Asia, North America, Oceania and South America; as long as mandatory identification documents are provided. These documents are verified on a video call through their partner platform, IDnow. Some of the required documents include a National Identity Document, Proof of Address and Tax Identification Number.

A detailed list of the 70+ supported nationalities along with the accepted document is available on Nuri’s website.

A Nuri Vault user has total control over their private keys. This assures a high level of safety and security. And when it comes to Nuri Wallet, users can synchronise their login process using biometric markers. Users can also set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for enhanced security.

Nuri Wallet Review, Nuri Vault

Signing up with Nuri is free and there are no charges for opening or maintaining an account or for withdrawing funds from an ATM. However, if a user chooses to withdrawal funds, the ATM may levy their own processing charge. Similarly, in case of withdrawals from their BTC Interest account, users may have to bear charges levied by Nuri’s BTC Interest account partner — Celsius.

Yes, Nuri has an affiliate program. Affiliates receive a welcome bonus promotion of 50 EUR (valid until the end of 2021). The welcome bonus will be credited directly to the bank account within 10 business days.

Just to clarify, to be eligible for the welcome bonus, certain conditions must be fulfilled. These conditions are

  1. A User referred by the affiliate needs to successfully complete the verification process, including video verification.
  2. Referred users must execute at least one transaction through Nuri after the account opening procedure. The transaction could be either in BTC or in ETH.

Click here to become a Nuri affiliate.