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UPDATE 27 January 2021: When trying to find the project website of Titcoin project today, we were unsuccessful. Considering a number of different circumstances in relation to this project, we can't draw any other conclusion than that the project has closed down.

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When investing in virtual currency, you need to do your research. We provide you with reviews of each world top cryptocurrency out there, so that you can find the best crypto coins to invest in for you. This review of the Titcoin consists of three chapters: origin & background, technology and pros & cons.

This pioneering platform provides a complete and entirely anonymous payment solution for customers that wants to buy products and services from the pornography and adult amusement industry. This invention is fundamentally a cryptocurrency that you can use for buying products and services in the adult amusement industry.

For many customers in this industry, secrecy is everything. Through providing users with a completely anonymous cryptocurrency that is simple to work with, such secrecy can be achieved. As an addition to the enormously popular Bitcoin protocol, Titcoin also features a number of tweaks.

Some of the most significant characteristics customers seek are fast transaction times, rock-solid security and complete anonymity. Titcoin provides customers with all these and much more. It also provides customers with features like complete isolation and prudence, and fraud prevention measures.  Titcoin has the potential to be a one-stop solution for most customers in the adult amusement industry.

One of the reasons why customers do not prefer conventional modes of payment is the lack of anonymity. Moreover, the track record of these payment processors of unfairness against adult entertainment companies. Thus, Titcoin solves this issue through providing a way of peer-to-peer transactions, like cash transactions. It preservers the anonymity of customers at all times.

Titcoin takes the finest aspects of accepted cryptocurrencies and makes things even better by adding subtle tweaks. Also, it improves usability and convenience. Customers using this mode of payment can now move the problem of chargeback’s. A common phenomenon with credit card payments and faster transaction speed can be an immense added feature for discerning customers. Furthermore, the extra safety and discreet nature of payments come in as bonus features. Hence, it can convince customers to take up this new, exciting cryptocurrency.

We don’t really see the benefit of this coin. If the problem for customers is lack of anonymity, then acceptance of any cryptocurrency by the customer’s preferred platforms would solve that problem. Pornhub, for instance, recently partnered with Verge so that Pornhub will accept Verge as a payment method for their premium subscriptions etc. Why would I then need Titcoin at all? Anyway, we’ll let you be the judge of that.