How to reach people online

How To Reach People Online

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There are so many lucrative opportunities for people to learn regarding investments. Cryptocurrency is a pretty major market. The same is true for the stock market and the foreign exchange market. If you’ve become someone who is really interested in any of these opportunities, it makes sense to study and learn more. As you continue … Continued

The RBI Ban on Crypto

Cryptocurrency in India after The RBI Ban on Crypto

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This post discusses how cryptocurrency has evolved in India and what might happen now after the RBI ban on crypto. Cryptocurrency and its Emergence Year 2017- Bitcoin was in the headlines as its value reached more than 3,000 USD. It still seems to be relatively new to people, but Bitcoin has actually been around since … Continued

Boring Year for Bitcoin

Will 2019 be a boring year for Bitcoin?

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Cryptocurrency users do not consider 2018 to be the best year. It was not a boring year for Bitcoin. Rather, it was a disastrous year. People who expected the continuation of the bull market were taken by surprise. Those who didn’t manage to sell their coins in December 2017 needed some psychological support afterward. The … Continued

Bitcoin's Main Competitors

Which altcoins are Bitcoin’s main competitors?

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Alternative Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is currently dominating the cryptocurrency. Competition to Bitcoin is necessary. There has to be alternatives to the cryptocurrency that dominates the market. Many other digital currencies emerged, following the success of Bitcoin, to imitate that success. From a time when Bitcoin used to be the only cryptocurrency, and we now live in … Continued

Cryptocurrency Exchange Fees

Cryptocurrency Exchange Fees

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This article is about something extremely important. Cryptocurrency exchange fees. All exchanges charge fees from their users, that is (together with selling advertising space and charging listing fees from ICO-teams that want to list their token at an exchange) the only way they make money. So, if we want exchanges to exist, we need to … Continued

QuadrigaCX - Exit scam

QuadrigaCX — Is it an exit scam?

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This is a guest post written by the Canadian Privacy Advocate, Blockchain Adjudicator (Telos) Marc-Roger Gagné. Marc-Roger is a prominent voice within legal issues in the cryptocurrency, Blockchain and cybersecurity community. More about Marc-Roger Gagné here. A lot of crypto customers are learning an expensive lesson this week. Roughly 115,000 customers of QuadrigaCX, a Canadian … Continued

What is Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0?

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This is a guest post by Anna Kucirkova discussing “Industry 4.0”. What is Industry 4.0? Which components does it have? What will happen? Why should you learn? Read up and learn more. The first ever industrial revolution that the world has seen was in the 19th century. This was when the steam engine became an … Continued

What Happened to Crypto 2018

What Happened to Crypto 2018?

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What happened to crypto 2018? If you’re in crypto, a lot of people have probably asked you the question: what happened to crypto 2018? Maybe while also insinuating that “bubbles gonna burst”, or “it’s all shit anyways”. However, the answer to the question is not that simple. It is way more complex. The cryptocurrency crash … Continued

Unusual Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Unusual Ways to Earn Bitcoin (And Other Cryptocurrencies)

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Unusual Ways to Earn Bitcoin According to Google, one of the most searched phrases is ‘how to make money online’. Inspired by this, we decided to check the ‘ways of making money online’ after doing a Google search on that. The results returned listed literally dozens of ‘ways’ to make money online. However, from what … Continued

BitMEX Affiliate Program

BitMEX Affiliate Program – A Customer Abuse Story

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We can all agree that the cryptocurrency industry has not yet reached its full maturity. It is not regulated, a very small part of the total market capitalization is institutional money and there are many areas in society where you are still stranded if you only hold “fiat currency”. The immaturity of the crypto industry … Continued