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Libra vs Bitcoin

Crypto Wars: Libra vs. Bitcoin

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There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Zuckerberg’s new cryptocurrency, Libra. Many people have tried to compare it with Bitcoin. But are there really any “crypto wars” going on? And, if so, in Libra vs Bitcoin, who is the winner? So Libra is supposed to convey thoughts of balance and stability. You hear that from … Continued

CoinCodex Mobile App

CoinCodex App: The Easiest Way to Track Your Crypto Investments

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Cryptocurrency investors often have their holdings split among multiple wallets and exchanges, making it hard to get a big picture perspective on the performance of their investment. One way to stay on top of your holdings is with the help of our friends at CoinCodex. CoinCodex is a crypto listings platform that features an intuitive yet … Continued

Crypto gambling in Canada

Rise of cryptocurrency gambling in Canada

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It’s common knowledge that iGaming is quite popular in Canada. However, due to the difficulties with regulation clarity, it’s quite hard to determine exactly how popular it is. The only correct data one can collect are estimates of the various gambling websites’ web traffic. But what about crypto gambling in Canada? Is that equally popular? … Continued

Crypto Scams

Crypto Scams: What to look out for

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Crypto scams are turning into a daily reality. You often hear about someone, somewhere who got hacked or duped or scammed. When we hear about so many people that fall for these crypto scams over and over, you understand that the “trend” is still going on. Why aren’t people learning their lesson? The thing is … Continued

Crypto Mining

Top 3 crypto mining countries

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The crypto mining industry has been going through quite a lot of hard times lately. Especially so during the crypto winter. During the crypto winter,  it was much more expensive to mine some of the most lucrative cryptocurrencies. For example, in some countries, mining one Bitcoin cost around 4,000 – 5,000 USD. This was while … Continued

Crypto Tax Calculator

Crypto Tax: Which countries are the worst?

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Crypo tax is becoming a common topic of conversation around the world. There is only a handful of countries that still refuse to introduce a law specifically for the digital currencies. Although most countries, regardless of how friendly they are towards the blockchain, have introduced a tax on cryptos,  there are a few that manage … Continued

Strategies for Bitcoin trading

Strategies For Bitcoin Trading You Should Know

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Bitcoin (BTC) trading is a relatively new market. However, it catapulted into mainstream popularity because of the potential for high profit. Plus, BTC is not a fiat currency. This means that its value doesn’t rely solely on the economy or policy changes of a single country, which is a significant benefit in today’s globalized world. … Continued

Playbetr Casino Review

Playbetr: Ripple and Cryptocurrency Sportsbook and Casino

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If you haven’t delved into the world of cryptocurrency sportsbooks and the idea of ripple casino, along with other forms of online currency, you’re missing out. However, there’s apparently a new sheriff in town: Playbetr is a top-rated licensed cryptocurrency and ripple casino and sportsbook that’s known for its extensive list of casino games, … Continued

Trade Forex in the UK

How to Trade Forex in the UK?

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The forex trading market is flexible and always fluctuating. That rule applies to all countries in the world, from Africa to the United Kingdom. There are multiple trading options for traders who want to trade forex in the UK. Forex is the most liquid and the biggest financial market in the world.  The market runs … Continued

Libra Explained Featured Image

Libra Explained (Infographic)

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Source link: Libra Explained This infographic on Libra, Facebook’s own cryptocurrency, that we call “Libra Explained”, is so easy to understand that you can show it to your grandma. And that it is not an easy task, seeing as cryptocurrencies are a bit complex by nature. To be honest, we still feel that Facebook … Continued