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UPDATE 27 January 2021: When trying to find the project website of Triggers Coin project today, we were unsuccessful. Considering a number of different circumstances in relation to this project, we can't draw any other conclusion than that the project has closed down.

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When investing in virtual currency, you need to do your research. We provide you with reviews of each world top cryptocurrency out there, so that you can find the best crypto coins to invest in for you. This review of Triggers Coin consists of three chapters: origin & background, technology and pros & cons.

Triggers Coin is a cryptocurrency based on the Block Safe network. Block Safe announced the launch of a new project to restrict access to weapons. Block Safe then also launched an ICO of new crypto tokens known as Triggers Coin (TRIG).

Every other cryptocurrency is launched to assist in solving a meticulous issue or be some form of resolution. Triggers Coin too. Triggers Coin (TRIG) is a blockchain-based solution for gun safety. Block Safe, the company behind the Triggers Coin, has used blockchain technology to achieve safety for the smart gun sector.

Also, the design of this cryptocurrency ecosystem enables innovators to build on each other’s achievements.

Triggers Coins use the Lisk sidechain technology. Block Safe will enable Triggers Coin to work with intellectual weapons technologies, including locks and other tools. Additional tools that enable you to work with Triggers Coin can be ordered or printed on a 3D printer.

The company envisage a decentralized database for the smart weapons technology. It will enable owners to defend weapons and limit the number of people who have access to them. Owners of weapons can turn them off in the event of theft. Also, it prevents the use of weapons by children or thieves.

In addition, the smart guns have a form of entrenched technology that prevents unauthorized people from firing them. Block Safe provides improved safety and privacy for any kind of hardware or gun technology. If an unauthorized person attempts to use this sort of weapon within the Block Safe network, the owner is notified.

It should be noted though that these weapons are fairly controversial in the arms industry and gun lovers believe that this security technology is undependable.

We have not identified any obvious pros or cons with the Triggers Coin.