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Wallet Review This wallet has been marked as dead or inactive and is either gone or recommended not to use.

Dogecoin Core


You fully control your keys • High anonymity • Hard to use


No Buy & Sell No Vouchers & Gift Cards No Debit Card

Supported Platforms

Linux, Windows, Mac OS

Supported Cryptos (1)


UPDATE 18 January 2021: We have decided to clean up our Cryptocurrency Wallet List. In line with that ambition, we have removed the Core Wallets from this list.

A Core Wallet is a wallet where you have to download the entire blockchain of the relevant cryptocurrency in order to use the wallet. When having done so, you can not only receive, send and hold crypto assets in the wallet, you can also use it to program on or with.

We have noticed over the years that very few of our site’s visitors have any interest in these Core Wallets. It made more sense to us at this point to remove them from the list. Let us know if you think this was a bad call!

To find an easier wallet to use, you can review all other cryptocurrency wallets we list in our Cryptocurrency Wallet List.