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UPDATE 1 February 2021: This coin now goes under the name Maro Coin. Please go to our page for Maro Coin instead.


TTC Protocol is a decentralized as well as a token-incentivized social networking protocol. It is specially designed for the next generation of social media platforms. The token provides a unique and new experience and it is also completely decentralized. This decentralization gives users a rewarding and very dynamic experience. By making use of the blockchain, TTC will be able to offer cryptocurrency rewards through its token called TTC Protocol Token.

Social network users on the TTC platform will be rewarded for carrying out different tasks such as generating, distributing and interacting with other social network users and the contents they upload.

TTC Protocol Token will be an open platform giving developers room to design their own blockchain DAPPs and create more awareness for them on the TTC platform. All the designed DAPPs can be accessed via a single user account and wallet.

In addition, TTC Protocol Token will bring about the development of a unified ad platform where TTC tokens will be used as the currency. Single Sign-On functions (SSO) will enhance the interaction between communities across the TTC platform.

TTC Protocol Token Price Development

Below are the details of the ICO issuance:

  • ICO started: 18 April, 2018
  • ICO ended: 18 May, 2018
  • Received value: $19,100,000
  • Total tokens: 10,000,000,000
  • Tokens available for sale: 25%
  • ICO token price: 1TTC = 0.17 USD (0.00025000 ETH)


TTC Protocol Token Distribution Matrix

The TTC platform will have four layers:

  • Blockchain Tool: This underlying architecture will include a database and network amongst others.
  • TTC Core: This layer will cater for unified authorization, TTC token system, reward engine and wallet amongst others.
  • TTC Protocol Open Platform: In this layer, API will be unified with content, info management and user among others.
  • Application: This includes the DAPPs that will be created by third-party developers.

By making use of the token-based incentive mechanism of TTC token and the distribution of user-generated contents, the TTC platform will be led by each end-user. As the number of end-users on the platform increases, the value of the platform will increase. This will definitely increase the commercial value of the TTC token.

tataUFO will be the first DAPP on the TTC open platform. tataUFO is a social network service that has over 10 million users. The platform wants to break new grounds in the social network space. By embracing tataUFO, TTC will be able to decentralize content distribution and return value to each of its users via a tokenized incentive mechanism.

TTC is the native currency for the TTC platform. Its use case includes four major purposes. You can use it to:

  • reward Representatives and Voters for consensus mining.
  • pay for the deployment of smart contracts.
  • pay for gas fees for the transaction of assets and for utilizing Slave networks, and
  • buy services and products that integrate TTC’s main network.

Brian Hyeon-woo Cheong founded TTC token. The team comprises advisors that are experts in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

All the transactions on the TTC platform will be executed on the ETH blockchain. However, TTC also keeps details of transactions in an off-chain ledger.

Multi-tier BFT-DPos is a consensus algorithm that is based on DPoS. The BFT mechanism will help to enhance the rate at which you can execute transactions. The confirmation time will be the same as the time it takes to generate a new block. This will go a long way in improving the blockchain’s processing efficiency.

Q1, 2018

  • Implementation of smart contract and deployment of the beta version of the TTC public chain.
  • Deployment of wallet on TTC’s website
  • Pre ICO

Q2, 2018

  • Deployment of the stable version of TTC token public chain
  • Main ICO

Q3, 2018

  • Deployment of the social network and incentive engine
  • Beta launch of the app for Android and iOS

Q4, 2018

  • Launch of tataUFO on the open platform of the token


  • Launch of the full on-chain service

Fraud allegations against TTC token are unknown, but you always have to exercise caution when venturing into online-based investments even if individuals who are trusted in the industry lead the project.

You can buy TTC on the following platforms:

The TTC platform and its token will provide a solution that will actualize the full potential of the blockchain tech. The platform will also make the benefits of blockchain technology to be available to the public.

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