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When investing in virtual currency, you need to do your research. We provide you with reviews of each world top cryptocurrency out there, so that you can find the best crypto coins to invest in for you. This is a review of TenXPay Token.

TenX is found online at TenX’s website. It is a cryptocurrency payment platform that consists of a wallet, a physical debit card and a bank account, ATM access, and more. Generally, the company wants to introduce products that make it simpler to use your cryptocurrencies in the “real world”.

On 14 June 2018, TenX reached the target of its PAY token presale. They reached their funding objective of 100,000 ETH (around $39 million USD) in less than 36 hours. Moreover, the company held a TenX sale for the general public on 24 June 2018. Early investors in that sale obtained the same 20% bonus as the investors did in the presale.

TenX is the convenient payments platform that could bring us a world with no financial transaction fees whatsoever.

The key benefit of TenX is that it offers free spending and exchange fees. That’s a 0% fee. In contrast, when it comes  to regular physical and virtual cards, you need to pay hefty fees and there are spending limits in place.

In order to access the TenX platform, you need to download the TenX wallet. TenX is also available as a mobile app and as desktop software from TenX.tech.

The TenX platform and the TenX wallet support blockchain assets across multiple blockchains. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, for instance, along with Ethereum ERC20 tokens. The company plans to support many more cryptocurrencies in the future.

Another main aspect of the TenX platform is its decentralized safety, which is based on smart contracts. You are a holder of the DSS key and you are in complete control of your funds. Moreover, you can fine tune your sanctuary settings at any time with the smart contracts. For instance, you can regulate safety settings for daily limits, selection spending, withdrawal settings, and more.

Once you have arranged the payment platform and wallet, you can start interacting with real-world products and services. TenX is a payment platform built on top of the Comit Network. COMIT is an acronym for Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction (you can see why an acronym is needed).

To summarize (and repeat), the payment platform wants to avoid most fees related with international banking and transfers by offering a physical card and a virtual card as set out above.

It’s an interesting development and we will keep a close eye on the TenX-team and their future efforts.


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