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This card has been flagged as inactive. There are many reasons for being flagged as inactive. We recommend you read the text below to understand why Loadoo has received the inactive flag.


Fees & Limits

Issuance Fee $15.00 ATM Fee $2.50 Spend Fee 3.00% Monthly Fee $1.00 Minimum Deposit 0

Funding Methods

Yes Wire Transfer No Debit Card No Credit Card Yes Paypal No Gift Card No Cash

Cryptos (1)

UPDATE 11 January 2021: This card, and the company behind it, seems to be missing in action (MIA). When trying to access their website, you are met with the following message:

Loadoo Error 502

To find an active crypto debit card that you can use today, please visit our Crypto Debit Card List to see what options there are.

A common argument for regular money (also known as fiat currency) as opposed to cryptocurrency is that you can’t use cryptocurrency to buy groceries and other everyday items. Well, through the use of a cryptocurrency debit card, you can. This is a review of Loadoo, one of the crypto debit cards out there.

Loadoo so far only supports the biggest cryptocurrency out there: Bitcoin. The card will most likely support even more cryptocurrencies in the future.

With respect to fiat currencies, Loadoo supports the classic trinity: EUR, GBP and USD.

Loadoo is a VISA-card, meaning that you can use the card at any point of payment that accepts VISA. This is of course a great advantage, seeing that VISA is the most widely accepted card in the world (alongside MasterCard).

US-investors may not use this card. So if you’re from the US and you’re looking for a crypto debit card, please refer to our Crypto Debit Card List to find one for you.

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Loadoo’s fees slightly above the industry average.

The monthly fee is USD 1.00 and the issuance fee is USD 15.00. So far, so good. These fees are both in line with the industry average.

ATM-usage results in a fixed fee of USD 2.50 on the withdrawn amount. This is also in line with industry average, but can be a problem in countries where the normal ATM-machines only allow smaller withdrawals (USD 20 for instance). In such scenarios, in order to withdraw a larger amount you need to withdraw several times, thus triggering the fixed fee each time. Usually, however, you can go to a bank to withdraw higher amounts in a more efficient manner.

Furthermore, the most important fee, the commission on spending, is high. Loadoo sets you back 3.00%. This means that if you buy a limited edition baseball cap for USD 100, this will reduce your crypto assets with USD 103. This might not seem like a lot for a one-time-purchase but over a long period it can add up to substantial amounts.

The maximum deposit is USD 10,000 (if you are a verified user, and only USD 1,000 if you are an unverified user). If you need a card with higher limits than that, don’t worry. Just have a look in our crypto debit card list to find another card for you.

If this is the crypto debit card for you, congrats.

If not, you can also check out one of the other cards in our crypto debit card list. Good luck!