Top 6 Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Easy Withdrawals In 2022

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The list of exchanges that fall into this category is quite long, so we are going to focus on six of the very best

Some people get into cryptocurrency trading in order to make money, while others are there to exchange digital assets that they want to invest in and hold. Whichever it may be, at some point these investors are going to want to move currency out of their accounts.

Each exchange offers its own unique features, aimed at claiming its own section of the market. As such, certain trading platforms have their own unique appeal, which includes things like low trading fees, competitions, educational materials, crypto derivatives options, and competitive withdrawal fees.

We’re going to focus on crypto exchanges that make the withdrawal process a quick and painless one. The list of exchanges that fall into this category is quite long, so we are going to focus on six of the very best. Let’s dive in.

Pionex (DEX)

Pionex is the newest cryptocurrency on our list today, the Singapore-based platform first went online in 2019 and serves 120+ countries worldwide. It’s a decentralized exchange, which is something we’ve noticed growing in popularity, especially with recent events on the Terra network.

The platform boasts highly sophisticated trading bots, some 18 in total, which are supported with user-friendly tutorials explaining how each bot works and how to make the most of their capabilities on the exchange. Despite offering live chat and email customer support, there have been some cases of negative feedback regarding the quality of the service. 

The exchange boasts extremely low trading fees, which makes moving money a simple process—as high as 0.05% in some cases. On top of that, the fees incurred for withdrawals are even lower. Users are able to move funds out of their Pionex account for just 0.0005 BTC per transaction.


Bitstamp is another highly popular exchange, that provides a broad range of services while focusing on offering some of the most competitive trading fees on the market. The centralized exchange is easy to use and is supported by a user-friendly app, which allows users access to trading on the move. 

Bitstamp has been around for a long while, since 2011 in fact, and has strived to continue to build upon its services, offering an advanced platform for the more experienced trader. Over the years, Bitstramp has continually added to its list of cryptocurrencies, with a selection of top-tier cryptocurrencies. Though, the list is still missing some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which is something we hope the company can improve.

The trading fees at this provider are competitive, but nothing that really stands out. What is great about Bitstramp, is the ability to withdraw funds from the account for a minimal fee of just 0.0005 BTC, which positions the exchange as one of the best in the industry in this regard. 


Bybit has been in operation since 2011, building a comprehensive exchange that services customers the world over. The focus at Bybit has always been on derivatives trading, holding a position in the top 3 highest derivatives exchanges by trading volume.

The company has Coin and USDT settled contracts, which helps to reduce the risk of price manipulation and liquidations. As well as that, customers are offered high bonuses on a range of different cryptocurrencies. One thing we should point out is the limited number of trading pairs, which doesn’t serve to suit users who carry out a high volume of trades.

Despite the fact the exchange is unregulated, it offers excellent customer service and has a great track record within the crypto community. A big part of that is allowing customers to withdraw funds from their crypto account for a minimal fee of just 0.0005 BTC per transaction. 


FTX is an American centralized exchange, with a focus on advanced trading options. It offers some of the most competitive trading fees in the industry and has built an easy-to-navigate app, which allows seamless navigation through the various trading products—both via desktop and through the mobile app. 

While U.S. exchanges like Coinbase and may have made more of a name for themselves, it’s FTX that has been consistent in terms of customer care and staying in line with customer desires. This is true, but, one downside for the exchange is the lack of listed cryptocurrencies when compared to other major exchanges. 

The one thing we did notice, and something we see popping up in user reviews a lot, is the exceptionally low withdrawal fees. Users are able to withdraw funds from the FTX account for as low as 0.000043 BTC per transaction. 


This Seychelles-based exchange is the newest on our list, first going online in 2018. It boasts a range of features, not just focusing on crypto, but also on forex, major stock indices, and commodities. PrimeXBT also has a novel co-investing feature, allowing users to copy the trading actions of others, who are often more successful traders. 

PrimeXBT is always finding ways to entice new customers and give back to its fast-growing community. Its referral system is one of those that awards customers with free crypto for bringing their friends into the community. As well as that, the exchange features robust technical analysis tools and charts, providing users with data and graphs to map trends and aid traders in making the best-informed decisions.

One thing that did disappoint us about the exchange was the lack of lending or stacking services, which has become a core feature of many major exchanges in 2022. However, something we really did appreciate was the low withdrawal fees, with customers able to withdraw funds for as low as 0.0005 BTC. first went online in 2016 and currently lists over 90 cryptocurrencies. With a focus on bringing crypto into the mainstream, the centralized exchange was one of the first to offer a Visa card, allowing users to spend their crypto and earn rewards in the process. 

Moreover, offers the opportunity to earn interest on crypto holdings at a higher rate, than many of the major crypto savings accounts, like Nexo and BlockFi. One downside to the rewards system is that customers earning on the network will be paid out in Cronos (CRO), which is the native coin for the ecosystem. 

Having said that, CRO has its value in the market and if the influx of new users continues to trend up, the value of CRO will continue to increase. Finishing on a positive note for the exchange, we were impressed by the low fees tied to withdrawals, with customers able to withdraw funds for a low fee of just 0.0001 BTC. tyou


In order to get a better scope of withdrawal fees across the industry, we put together this comprehensive list of exchanges for U.S.-based investors, with foreign exchanges, DEXs, and trading platforms of varying sizes. Having tested the platforms and explored the full range of services, we would suggest that FTX is the best exchange for easy withdrawals.

FTX’s CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is a man with a vision for the direction of blockchain and crypto technology. Ensuring customers have clear access to funds is essential to compete with traditional financial institutions, FTX achieves this through offering low trading and withdrawal fees.


Mark Weaden

Mark Weaden is a British researcher and crypto enthusiast, living in Barcelona. His work has been published on a variety of leading cryptocurrency sites.

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