Coins Supported by Ledger Nano X

The following list includes the tokens and coins supported by Ledger Nano X for the time being. We strive to keep the list as up to date as possible, so we review it at least once a week.

AAVE 2017 Visit
AE 2017 Visit
AION Visit
ALGO 2019 Visit
ANT Visit
ARK Visit
REP 2016 Visit
AOA 2018 Visit
B2B 2017 Visit
BNT Visit
BAT Visit
BNB Visit
BCH Visit
BTG Visit
BTC 2009 Visit
BTT 2019 Visit
BRD 2015 Visit
BTU 2019 Visit
BTM 2017 Visit
ADA Visit
CTSI 2010 Visit
CELO 2020 Visit
LINK Visit
CHZ 2019 Visit
CND Visit
COMP 2018 Visit
ATOM 2019 Visit
CS 2018 Visit
C20 Visit
DAI Visit
DASH 2014 Visit
DCR Visit
DCN Visit
DGB Visit
DGD Visit
DOGE Visit
DROP 2018 Visit
EDO Visit
ELA 2018 Visit
ERD 2019 Visit
EOS 2017 Visit
ERC20 Visit
ETC Visit
ETH 2016 Visit
EXP Visit
FCT Visit
1ST Visit
FXC 2019 Visit
FTT 2019 Visit
FUN Visit
FSN 2018 Visit
GNO Visit
GNY 2019 Visit
GO 2018 Visit
GLM Visit
GRS Visit
HBAR 2019 Visit
HEDG 2019 Visit
ZEN 2017 Visit
HT 2018 Visit
HYC 2018 Visit
ICX Visit
RLC Visit
ITC Visit
KMD Visit
KSM 2019 Visit
KNC Visit
LA 2017 Visit
LSK 2016 Visit
LTC 2011 Visit
MKR Visit
IOTA Visit
XMR Visit
NANO Visit
NEAR 2020 Visit
XEM Visit
NEO Visit
NEXO Visit
ONT Visit
ORBS 2019 Visit
PAX 2018 Visit
PIVX Visit
DOT 2020 Visit
PPT Visit
QTUM 2017 Visit
QNT 2018 Visit
QBIT 2018 Visit
RVN 2017 Visit
REEF 2020 Visit
RCN Visit
XRP 2012 Visit
KEY 2018 Visit
AGIX Visit
SOL 2020 Visit
XLM Visit
SNX 2018 Visit
TEL Visit
LUNA 2019 Visit
USDT 2014 Visit
XTZ Visit
TOMO 2018 Visit
TRX Visit
TUSD 2018 Visit
UBQ Visit
USDC 2018 Visit
VET Visit
VTC Visit
VIA Visit
WAN 2017 Visit
WIN 2019 Visit
XMX 2018 Visit
ZEC Visit
XZC Visit
ZIL Visit