Ledger Stax Hardware Wallet Shipping After 18-Month Design Hurdle

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French startup Ledger has at last commenced the shipment of its latest Ledger Stax devices, a culmination of nearly 18 months since their initial unveiling.

Teaming up with Tony Fadell, renowned for his role in crafting the iPod, Ledger has unveiled an updated wallet sporting an E-Ink display, as per TechCrunch's report.

The E-Ink technology, commonly seen in e-book readers such as the Amazon Kindle and Rakuten Kobo, promises a crisp display even in broad daylight while keeping power consumption to a minimum.

Upon fulfilling all pre-orders, Ledger intends to make the Ledger Stax available on its website as soon as ample stock is on hand.

Design Hurdles Contributed to the Delay

The protracted wait in dispatching the hardware wallet can be traced back to the company's potential overcommitment on the design front.

The incorporation of the curved E-Ink display in the Ledger Stax proved to be a more daunting task in terms of scaling production than initially envisioned.

Distinguishing itself from its counterparts, the Ledger Stax boasts a larger display with a secure touch screen that directly interfaces with the device’s secure element.

This feature promises heightened user convenience compared to the arrow buttons prevalent in other Ledger devices.

While the Nano S Plus exclusively utilizes a USB-C cable, both the Nano X and the Stax come equipped with a Bluetooth chip, enabling users to initiate cryptocurrency transactions from their smartphones and validate them on their hardware wallets sans wires.

Initially priced at €279 during the pre-order phase (approximately $300 at current exchange rates), Ledger targeted a high-end clientele for the Ledger Stax. The final retail price remains undisclosed and will be revealed when the wallet once again becomes available on its website.

Security Features of the Ledger Stax Hardware Wallet

In terms of security, all Ledger products safeguard users' wallet private keys. With Ledger, the private keys remain confined within the device, ensuring that even if a computer or phone is compromised, the assets stay secure.

However, it is noteworthy that most cryptocurrency breaches stem from phishing attempts. While Ledger cannot entirely shield against social engineering and scams, they do offer a subscription service for those seeking additional peace of mind.

The release of the Ledger Stax heralds the initiation of a production collaboration with Foxconn, a notable consumer electronics manufacturer.

Previously, Ledger fabricated its devices in Vierzon, France. While the Nano S Plus and Nano X will continue to be manufactured there, the partnership with Foxconn signifies an expansion in production capabilities.

Having sold over 6 million devices to date, Ledger estimates that it safeguards roughly 20% of the world’s cryptocurrency assets.

It is noteworthy that Ledger experienced a surge in sales following the tumultuous collapse of FTX in November 2022, as consumers scrambled towards self-custody solutions to safeguard their digital assets.

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