Io.Net and Allora Collaborate to Ensure Secure AI Development

Twitter icon  •  Published 2 weeks ago  •  Hassan Maishera has partnered with Allora, a self-improving decentralized AI network to enhance the computational efficiency and model accuracy in their AI/ML development processes.

Decentralized GPU network has collaborated with Allora, a self-improving decentralized AI network. 

In a press release shared with Cryptowisser, said by leveraging Allora's decentralized AI network, they can enhance the computational efficiency and model accuracy in their AI/ML development processes. This partnership represents a significant step forward in providing secure, efficient, and scalable AI model development and deployment solutions. is known for supporting the training, fine-tuning, and inference of over 1,000 ML models. These activities have resulted in a 90% cost reduction for their users compared to traditional cloud services. 

While commenting on this partnership, Ahmad Shadid, CEO of, said

"This partnership represents a pivotal moment for us. Blending the best of decentralized compute and AI technologies to unlock new possibilities for developers and enterprises alike.”

Allora and’s Unique Partnership Model

The partnership between the two entities is based on a strong foundation of complementary technologies and a shared vision. With Allora, can now boost the security and privacy of AI/ML computations while maintaining high efficiency, tapping into a self-improving network of ML models for optimized outcomes. 

Furthermore, the partnership between the two entities will also enable secure, decentralized training of AI/ML models across various sectors, with an emphasis on privacy-preserving data analysis and federated learning.

Allora provides the inferences and self-improvement mechanisms, while provides the computational resources and infrastructure upon which developers can build.

Encouraging AI Development Via Self-Improvement

Allora allows workers to provide their inferences to the network while also predicting the accuracy of other participants' inferences within their specific topic. The integration of Allora's self-improving mechanism models using's compute is crucial as it can benefit from the most effective inferences. Thus, ensuring they always outperform individual models in the network.

The self-improving mechanism paves the way for AI models that are flexible and can adapt to a wide range of contexts. This means that users of apps built on can enjoy more accurate and reliable results from the AI models they develop and deploy, whether they're working on financial analysis, predictive modeling, or any other AI-driven application.

While commenting on the shared vision, Nick Emmons, CEO of the Upshot team that created Allora, said,

“The growing demand for computational needs for AI in the crypto space highlights the importance of our partnership. Combining's decentralized compute capabilities with Allora's self-improving network broadens both access and capabilities for AI developers worldwide.” is a decentralized computing network that provides machine learning engineers with scalable distributed clusters at a fraction of the cost of centralized services. With a focus on user satisfaction, ease of use, and fortified security, is igniting a DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) revolution to meet the growing AI cost-effectively compute requirements.

Meanwhile, Allora is a self-improving decentralized AI network. Allora enables applications to leverage smarter, more secure AI through a self-improving network of ML models. By combining innovations in crowdsourced intelligence, federated learning, and zkML, Allora unlocks a vast new design space of applications at the intersection of crypto and AI.



Hassan Maishera

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