Earn NFTs & Cryptocurrency With These Unique Play-To-Earn Platforms

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We’ve put together the best Play to Earn crypto games available now and soon to come to make it easier

Play to Earn crypto games (P2E) have blown up in the last few years, as blockchain-based games have garnered significant attention from crypto and gaming enthusiasts. Users can enjoy their favorite gaming platforms built in unique metaverse environments while earning the game's crypto token. 

This year alone, we’ve seen various exciting crypto games released, some with a play to earn focus and others building games focused on the marvels of the metaverse. A significant aspect of GameFi (Gaming and Digital Finance) projects are non-fungible tokens. Items and in-game collectives are the games NFTs, which players can collect, store, and trade, with the NFT digitally registered on the blockchain securing their ownership. 

The emergence of P2E platforms has led to developers creating various groundbreaking projects in which the NFT game you play is often dependent on personal preferences. There are multiple themes, game styles, and requirements, so finding the right project for you can be tricky.

We’ve put together the best Play to Earn crypto games available now and soon to come to make it easier. Without further adieu, let’s dive right in!

Planet IX — Sustainability-Driven GameFi Platform

Planet IX is a strategy-based platform focused on sustainability and offers a unique take on GameFi NFT-based games. Gamers will operate on a virtual planet based on the planet earth, aiming to collect land and territories known as PIX, representing the game’s NFTs and IXT tokens, the game’s currency. 

Planet IX comprises 1.6 PIX, meaning there is much room for expansion. Game NFTs can be traded amongst players to help to build their land ownership, using the Planet IX token to buy and sell PIX as they please.

Depending on their location, PIX is divided into different classifications and tiers; common, rare, and extremely rare. As players grow and develop their land, the Planet IX metaverse will also expand, opening up ever more opportunities for interaction and avenues for sustainable advancement.

Gods Unchained — Unique Digital Card Trading Game

An awesome free-to-play NFT game, allowing users to earn real money by saving up the in-game token, GODS. While it isn’t true of the games on this list, it’s common for P2E platforms to require customers to buy some of the game’s tokens to begin playing as a kind of commitment by investing in the game.

This game is perfect for big fans of the legendary table-top card game Magic: The Gathering. Gods Unchained is adapted to true gamers, requiring a range of skills and expertise transferable from major game platforms, like Blizzard’s Hearthstone. 

Strategic players are rewarded with the chance to earn a decent profit. Gods players can go beyond a decent profit and earn a significant amount of GODS, which can be traded on the crypto marketplace, Immutable X.

Silks — For Horse Racing Lovers

Another great game, and one that takes users into the world of the ‘King of Sports’. Horse racing is a sport that has captured the hearts of people around the globe and is the first game ever bet on, going back to Chariot Racing!

The game works by choosing a horse to win a race in real life. Then, if the horse comes in, you will earn rewards in the Silks metaverse. An excellent game for horse racing enthusiasts and GameFi lovers, as you can own, collect, and trade various in-game items, including Silks Horses, land, stables, and much more!

Each player has their Silks avatar, personalized with different colors, patterns, and accessories. One downside is the game won’t be available until the first quarter of 2023, so keep an eye out for this early next year to take advantage of any early sign-up bonuses.

Cryptokitties — A Cute Classic 

An oldie but a goldie. Cryptokitties entered the GameFi space in 2017, long before NFTs became a household name. It has a dedicated community of players and offers quite an authentic NFT gaming experience. 

The Ethereum-based blockchain game allows you to buy and trade virtual cats, each cat offering unique features that can be sold on the marketplace for a significant profit. The game doesn’t have a specific goal. But, for most, the game is about breeding new cats to raise rare cats that have a high value on the market.

Those players that invest enough time will be rewarded with the chance to earn real money! For example, one CryptoKitty was sold for over $1 million, a solid return on investment for a free virtual cat breeding game.


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