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BTC Withdrawal Fee Taker Fee 3.00% Maker Fee 2.00%

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Yes Wire Transfer Yes Credit Card

BTC Direct is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in the Netherlands. It launched as early as in 2013. On 25 November 2020, this platform was listed in the crypto-register of the Dutch Central Bank. This means an official recognition as a cryptocurrency company in the Netherlands and adds an extra layer of comfort for all of BTC Direct's users. 

This exchange’s main features seeme to be its simplicity, and its speed. It makes it possible for people to easily buy crypto without going through much hassle. They illustrate how easy everything is with this 3-step process (although it seems a lot like the process at any exchange):

BTC Direct 3 Step Process

Unfortunately for US-investors, the exchange prohibits US-investors from trading on its exchange. This is usually because USA have various laws that make it difficult or impossible for international cryptocurrency exchanges to accept US-residents as traders. If you are from the US and you want to find a cryptocurrency exchange like this one, use our Exchange Finder and we’ll help you out.

Different exchanges have different trading views. And there is no “this overview is the best”-view. You should yourself determine which trading view that suits you the best. The “trading view” here is much simpler and more intuitive than at a normal centralized exchange. The below is a picture of the interface where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies at BTC Direct:

BTC Direct Trading View

One thing you must not forget is to also check the trading fees of an exchange that interests you. BTC Direct is different from most top crypto exchanges in the way that it does not offer trading between cryptocurrencies. The services offered is buying and selling BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH and ETH.

BTC Direct’s fees are as follows:

2% for purchasing BTC;

1% for selling BTC;

3% for purchasing LTC or ETH; and

2% for selling LTC or ETH.

These fees are a bit above the industry averages. We have not been able to find the fees for purchasing or selling XRP or BCH.

The withdrawal fees are built into the above trade fees.

At this trading venue, you can pay through a wide variety of methods. This also makes this exchange an “entry-level exchange”, meaning that it is possible for someone to enter the cryptocurrency market through this platform.