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Pros with Wanchain:

  • Adds user privacy in addition to normal ethereum smart contract platform features
  • Is capable of cross-chain transactions

Cons with Wanchain:

  • Same as of Ethereum

Smart Contract Language: Solidity

Explanation: It is a fork of Ethereum, thus it inherits a lot of properties of Ethereum. In addition it provides user privacy. Their main focus is on digitizing the current financial model of world on blockchain.

Privacy is achieved through the use of ring signatures, which provide complete anonymity to the signer of a transaction while also providing the receiver with the ability to verify the sender’s signature. Additionally, Wanchain offers the option for One Time Addresses (OTA) to provide further anonymity optionality.

This network’s distributed ledger builds upon the strengths of Ethereum, and any Ethereum DApp will run on Wanchain without any code alteration. To enhance these applications, Wanchain offers a number of APIs designed to expand cross-chain capabilities and improve privacy protection.

Wanchain Overview