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Unizen Review: A Complete CeDeFi Solution In The Crypto Space

What Is Unizen?

Unizen is a centralized decentralized (CeDeFi) exchange. The platform combines the functionalities of first-party and third-party centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges, allowing it to meet the needs of both retail and institutional traders. 

Exchange fees: Unizen finds the most competitive fees in the market

Support tokens: All ERC-20 tokens are supported

Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies 

Supported wallet: Metamask

The platform locates the most cost-efficient trades across a multitude of exchange modules, including Binance. This allows it to provide traders with generous offers, reliable performance and a secure environment to conduct high-volume trading.

Applications on the Unizen platform are known as modules, and they are onboarded onto the ecosystem. The modules allow traders to gain access to various trading products, both centralized and decentralized, via Unizen's trade aggregation algorithms.

Unizen has a simple interface that provides services to various levels of traders, allowing them to acquire an asset for the best fees across a multitude of liquidity pools. 

The platform’s module is powered by Binance Cloud, enabling users to execute trades against Binance-shared liquidity. In addition to Binance Cloud, Unizen’s module is also powered by Uniswap and SifChain.

Uniswap allows Unizen users to interact and find cost-efficient trades on the popular and battle-tested Uniswap Exchange. Meanwhile, SifChain allows Unizen to aggregate trades against Omni-chain decentralized liquidity enabled by the SifChain module.

The native token utility token of Unizen is ZCX, and it has various uses, including;

  • Reduced trading fees
  • Exchange governance
  • Dynamic multi-asset staking and
  • Direct access to ZenX Labs portfolio

Supported Wallets

Unizen allows traders to purchase a wide range of tokens. However, it currently supports the Metamask wallet only. All ERC-20 transactions will require a MetaMask Wallet or a Ledger Wallet integrated through MetaMask. According to its official website, Unizen doesn’t support Trust Wallet at the moment.

Features Of Unizen

Some of the features of Unizen include;

Trade Aggregation

Unizen allows users to locate the most cost-efficient trades across various third-party CeDeFi innovations. Thus, not limiting the trader to a single blockchain.

Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking

With this feature, Unizen users can earn rewards and private-sale allocations blockchain projects by staking their ZCX in Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking (DMAS) on the Unizen ecosystem. DMAS is a rewards program for users who stake ZCX with

Dynamic Yield Staking Account

Unizen users can earn a continuous yield on USDC and other leading stablecoins at a competitive yield. 

Unizen Founders

The Unizen team is led by five executives. Sean Noga is the CEO of the platform and is also a managing partner at Jun Capital. Brandon Dallman serves as the Chief Marketing Officer (also a serial entrepreneur and CEO of BlockUnify). Tom Sweeney is the Chief Operating Officer and the CEO and Managing Partner of Jun Capital. Martin Granström is the Chief Technical Officer, while James Taylor is the Chief Business Officer

Where To Buy ZCX?

Unizen’s ZCX token can be purchased on a few centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, including KuCoin, MEXC and It is also available on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. 

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Unizen allows users to fund their accounts using cryptocurrencies only. Users can deposit a wide range of tokens, including ETH, BTC, LINK, ZCX, RUNE and others. Traders can also withdraw their tokens to external wallets with ease on Unizen. 

Trading Fees

The Unizen Exchange offers competitive listing and trading fees. Trading fees are automatically deducted from a trader’s ZCX holdings if they hold ZCX in their Unizen wallet.  

The Unizen Pro Membership

The premium modules on Unizen require a pro membership. When a user registers for a pro membership, Unizen mints a Pro Membership NFT to their specific wallet address. Unlike regular tokens, the NFT is non-transferable. Hence, ensuring that each pro membership on Unizen is unique. With this feature, a separate Pro Membership is required for each wallet a trader uses to interact with DMAS.

Unizen sets its pro membership fee at $50. The membership fee can be paid in three tokens; ETH, USDC or ZCX. however, those who pay with ZCX enjoy lower gas fees compared to the other two options. 

Unizen Basic Reward Pools And Private Allocations

Unizen operates two major types of pools; its Basic Reward Pools and the Private Allocations.

The platform deploys various tokens into its Basic Reward Pools and assigns them a start date, end date and pool size. The amount of reward a user can claim will remain dynamic until the expiry date of the pool. However, the trader has the option to claim their tokens any time after the expiry date of the pool. Some of the tokens available in the Basic Reward Pool include BTC, ETH, RUNE, LINK, etc.

With the private allocations, traders can buy pre-sale allocations of tokens for new projects. The private sale allocation size is proportional to a trader’s percentage of total rewards allocation.  

The private allocation tokens are projects that have partnered with Unizen, and some of them include DMTR, CIRUS, HUSL, and WHL.

Referrals And Promotions

The Unizen Exchange offers a Referral bonus for traders who bring new users to the exchange. The trader gets to decide the percentage balance of commission share between him/her and the invitee. 



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