OKSE Token Will Be Listed On Bybit Launchpad 2.0

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Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has announced that the OKSE token will be available on its Bybit Launchpad 2.0 platform.

Bybit, the third most visited cryptocurrency exchange in the world, announced on Friday, August 26th, that it would list OKSE, the utility token of Okse Card and Okse Wallet, on Bybit Launchpad 2.0.

In a press release shared with Cryptowisser, Okse is a DeFi system designed to revolutionize the financial market, powered by BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom. 

According to the team, the Okse Wallet allows users to do away with third parties between them and their funds. Users can also use the Okse Card to make payments to a variety of merchants worldwide, with complete decentralization until funds reach the payment provider. The card can only be accessed through the Okse Wallet, which requires Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification.

The Okse wallet is available for Android and iOS, and the Okse virtual debit card allows users to spend their crypto assets at over 60 million merchants worldwide, with the card being accepted in over 170 countries.

Bybit revealed that it would host the initial exchange offering for OKSE, which will be available on the Bybit Launchpad 2.0, a revamped platform for groundbreaking blockchain projects. The cryptocurrency exchange will list the OKSE token on its spot trading platform by September 5th. 

At the moment, Bybit users can access the token on Launchpad 2.0, a freshly revamped platform for groundbreaking blockchain projects. Bybit explained that its users could commit BIT to subscribe to token allocations or participate in Launchpad 2.0's new lottery model.

Bybit users can also use another model that involves staking a nominal amount of Tether (USDT) for the chance to win allocations of new tokens. They can also buy the best-performing tokens from previous listings via the Launchpad. Bybit said;

“The OKSE token is a crypto asset that is essential in allowing users to upgrade their daily debit card and payment limits, and reap spend to earn rewards. Additionally, staking OKSE tokens gives users governance power in the Okse Wallet. Okse's primary investors include Cypher Capital and private investors.”

Bybit is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The exchange was established in 2018 and offers a professional platform where crypto traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service and multilingual community support.

The cryptocurrency exchange is a proud partner of Formula One racing team, Oracle Red Bull Racing, esports teams NAVI, Astralis, Alliance, Virtus.pro, Made in Brazil (MIBR) and Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports, and association football (soccer) teams Borussia Dortmund and Avispa Fukuoka.

The low Bybit fees make it one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment. Furthermore, Bybit reviews have generally been positive, as the exchange has provided traders with the necessary tools to trade successfully.

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