Lunar (LNR) Token Listed On XT.COM Exchange

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An upcoming Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange platform has decided to list the Lunar (LNR) token

An upcoming Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange platform has decided to list the Lunar (LNR) token. The deal will allow the exchange and KNR to streamline the crypto and NFT trading process. has been operating since 2018 and boasts the status of the world’s first social-infused crypto exchange, offering various social trading features on over 110 cryptocurrencies. An exciting time for both the exchange and the Lunar project, bringing increased exposure to both brands. 

What Does The Partnership Offer?

The partnership will allow users to access LNR/USDT and LNR/BTC trading pairs, found on the Main zone (DeFi) section of the site or mobile app. On top of that, as of June 14th, 2022, traders and investors will be able to begin making deposits with their LNR tokens. has seen a lot of growth in recent years, creating partnerships with many of the top-tier coins and establishing a solid customer base. With the addition of Lunar, the company has broadened its reach and will attract Lunar fans to the platform. 

What Is Lunar?

The Lunar Network offers a single integrated platform, which aims to speed up the crypto and NFT trading process. The platform enables users to trade across several blockchains at unrivalled speeds, which are all backed by the network’s native digital token LNR.

What really separates Lunar from the rest is the way it allows customers to interact with cryptocurrency. Normally customers have to jump various hurdles in order to complete a trade, but with the easy-to-use platform customers can trade quickly and freely. 

LNR is a breakthrough method for consumers to interact with cryptocurrency, replacing the ten distinct tools required to trade cryptocurrency with a single, easy platform that allows anyone to exchange tokens and NFTs across several blockchains.

What About

The platform is convenient and trading is swift. The company offers very favourable trading commissions and leverage on derivatives up to 1:30. Users will be able to see the high trading volumes and the fact the company is supported with high liquidity. 

We would suggest that is suited to the more experienced trader, though the quality of the user interface makes navigation straightforward—even for the novice traders out there.


Mark Weaden

Mark Weaden is a British researcher and crypto enthusiast, living in Barcelona. His work has been published on a variety of leading cryptocurrency sites.

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