Bybit Lists PRCL/USDT Pair with a 50,000 USDT Prize Pool

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Bybit, a top cryptocurrency exchange, recently shared the news that they will add the PRCL/USDT pair for trading.

Bybit, a top cryptocurrency exchange, recently shared the news that they will add the PRCL/USDT pair for trading. This will create more chances for people who trade. Here is the schedule they have given:

  • PRCL Deposits: Opens on April 16, 2024, at 10 AM UTC

  • PRCL Listing Time: April 16, 2024, at 1 PM UTC

  • PRCL Withdrawals: Opens on April 17, 2024, at 10 AM UTC

Users will be able to make deposits and take out money using the Solana network. PRCL will be accessible for trading using Spot Grid Bots when it is listed, giving traders new tools to improve their trade plans.

Bybit has arranged two exclusive activities with a combined reward fund of 50,000 USDT. Bybit has been up and running since 2018 and is now a major player in the crypto scene. If you sign up using the link in our Bybit review, you can receive up to 600 USD in welcome bonuses. 

Token Splash Event — 50,000 USDT Up for Grabs

The Token Splash event starts on April 16, 2024, at 10 in the morning UTC time and it will end on April 30, of the same year, at 9 in the morning UTC. People joining this event can win prizes from a big pool of rewards.

Perk 1: New User Exclusive

People who are new to this can join our special event if they sign up and confirm their identity at Bybit. While the event is on, they have two choices: put together deposits of 500 PRCL or deposit a minimum of 100 USDT and make a trade for 100 USDT in PRCL value. The first 1,250 new users to fulfill these requirements will each receive 20 USDT.

Perk 2: Trade to Earn

People who are already using the service can join in by signing up for the activity and doing trades of PRCL on Spot that add up to 600 USDT or more while it is happening. The amount they trade will determine how much of the 25,000 USDT reward fund they get; however, one person cannot receive more than 1,000 USDT from this reward pool.

About Parcl (PRCL)

Parcl Protocol is a leading decentralized exchange that concentrates on real estate. It lets users bet on the prices of actual real estate markets using leverage, with the goal to make a liquid market by using top-notch real estate data. PRCL is the governance token for Parcl protocol, moving its decentralized system ahead.


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