Bybit Launches Rewards 2.0 Scheme Aimed To Offer New Perks To Its Crypto Debit Card Program

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Bybit's Rewards 2.0 program aims to strengthen its leadership by engaging existing cardholders and acquiring new users

Bybit, a popular crypto exchange, has introduced Rewards 2.0, an enhanced rewards program that builds on the success of the Bybit Debit Card. The card was launched in March and has been well-received by users.

Bybit's Rewards 2.0 program aims to strengthen its leadership by engaging existing cardholders and acquiring new users. Members can earn points for all card spending and redeem prizes through Bybit's expanded Rewards Marketplace.

Bybit Card users now have the option to customize their rewards and enjoy a more comprehensive experience with the introduction of Rewards 2.0 program. This new program offers a wider range of exciting redemption options for users.

Bybit Card Rewards 2.0

Bybit is currently accepting applications for its VIP Card tier. This exclusive tier offers enhanced benefits and rewards for its top-tier customers.

  • Up to 10% cashback* for spending crypto with Bybit Card;
  • Trading Boosters (Trading Bonuses, Coupons, Fee Discounts, NFTs, VIP Trial Cards, and Airdrops);
  • Digital Merchandise (gift cards from global eCommerce platforms); and
  • Physical Merchandise (exclusive Bybit merchandise and co-branded items).

The Bybit Card enables instant conversion of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and XRP to fiat currencies such as Euro and British Pound. By accessing the Auto-Savings feature on the Bybit Card dashboard, users can earn competitive interest rates with an attractive APY. This feature makes it easy for users to grow their assets in Flexible Savings while still having the flexibility to convert and use those assets with the Bybit Card for spending when they choose.

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, stated that Bybit's commitment to innovation, loyalty, and industry leadership is reinforced by Rewards 2.0. Bybit aims to accelerate global cryptocurrency adoption by offering pioneering programs and expanding services. Bybit will continue to drive the digital finance revolution through visionary programs and partnerships.

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