0G Partners with OnePiece Labs to Launch a Crypto x AI Incubator

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0G has partnered with OnePiece Labs to launch a Crypto x AI incubator to support talented Web3 founders who desire to see how AI can help crypto use cases, or vice versa.

0G Labs and One Piece Labs have entered into a strategic partnership that led to the creation of the first incubator for startups working at the intersection between blockchain and AI.

In a press release shared with Cryptowisser, the team said the OPL x 0G incubator is designed to scout and support talented Web3 founders who desire to see how AI can help crypto use cases, or vice versa.

The teams also hope their incubator will enable ambitious builders to come up with their own unique ideas on how to combine the best ideas in crypto & AI. The application for this incubator is open until June 14, 2024, and the program will start on July 1 and run for 10 weeks. There is a demo day scheduled for September 12.

0G will provide participants with hands-on guidance on deploying their projects on its Data Availability layer. Participants will also have access to a large network of mentors and investors in the Web3 and AI space. Finally, high-impact teams can secure up to $50,000 in grant funding disbursed by 0G.

0G and OPL identified several concepts including AI DAOs, ‘DePIN 2.0’ and trustless prediction marketplaces as ideas where AI applications may help crypto use cases thrive. 

Other concepts participants could explore include, Verifiable Training, Transparent LLM Drift and alternative paths to Verifiable Inference. While commenting on this latest development, Michael Heinrich, Co-Founder of 0G Labs, said,

"The initiative with OPL is designed to harness the revolutionary potential of modular AI chain technologies and blockchain innovation, creating a platform where top-tier developers can collaborate, innovate, and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Together, we are committed to empowering a top Web3 and decentralized AI developer community to build not just applications, but legacies."

0G is a modular blockchain project that aims to alleviate the major pain points of using blockchain for AI. The blockchain seeks to boost bandwidth by more than 50x the current state of the art, thus making AI tasks and projects runnable on the blockchain.

KJ Jia, Partner at OnePiece Labs also commented that,

“We’re beyond excited to be working with 0G on our Incubator Batch #4, which promises to be the most impactful yet. I’m confident that the 0G team is made of some of the smartest and most resilient builders I’ve seen, and everyone should be jumping at the chance to work closely with them on one of the most important future developments of this decade.”

OnePiece Labs is a Web3 Incubator providing seed funding, mentorship and invaluable community networks to support founders building in Web3. With strong ties in the Bay Area community, it has seen over $30M raised by its portfolio startups over just two cohorts.


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