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Introducing’s VERSE Token

In June, will launch its token, VERSE. VERSE will be the utility token on, a website that offers crypto exchange services, news, and a non-custodial wallet. The token is meant to enhance the company’s growth by rewarding users for using’s services. 

Verse Token Launch

What is Verse?

Verse is a rewards and utility token for In other words, you can buy the token, or you can earn it by contributing to and participating in the ecosystem. will provide a number of ways to earn VERSE on their site.

You can earn VERSE for selling, trading, buying, staking, or learning about cryptocurrencies. 

Verse is a cross-chain token on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a fixed supply of 210 billion tokens and will be distributed over seven years.

What to do with Verse?

VERSE is the utility token of This means that having it will give you special rewards in that ecosystem. It also serves to add liquidity to the company.

You can provide liquidity to the VERSE dex and earn rewards, buy merchandise, pay for press releases at a discount, earn cashback when using your card, stake your VERSE, and other uses. 

In other words, having VERSE will increase your possibilities to earn passive income on 

How to Buy Verse? 

The first private sale of VERSE has taken place already. In this sale, 10% of the total token supply was distributed. The next sale will be in June 2022. 

To get in on this sale, visit and add your email to get notified when the whitelist opens. If you are whitelisted, you will also need to have an Ethereum address, and then buy it using ETH, BTC, or USDC/USDT. 

Verse Token Launch

A Potential Airdrop

An airdrop is a common method for distributing tokens. In this method, anyone who meets the requirements set out by the people behind the token will automatically receive tokens. Airdrops can instantly create a community and rewards early adapters. 

It is likely that if an airdrop of VERSE did occur, it would reward people who are already using The more involved in the ecosystem, the more VERSE they would get, in all likelihood. 

Who is VERSE for?

This token is a good fit for anyone who has or is interested in having a account. It will give you benefits in that ecosystem, and make your trading and investing experience smoother and, likely, more profitable. If you are not and do not plan to become part of that ecosystem, it could still be a good idea to grab some VERSE! Of course, this comes with the same risks as trading other cryptos, but as a new token, there are likely fairly large profit opportunities for savvy traders. 


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