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This exchange has been flagged as inactive. There are many reasons for being flagged as inactive. We recommend you read the text below to understand why eXFi Exchange has received the inactive flag.

eXFi Exchange

Exchange Fees

Withdrawal Fee Taker Fee 0.060% Maker Fee 0.019%

Deposit Methods

No Wire Transfer No Credit Card

UPDATE 23 March 2023: When trying to access the website of eXFi Exchange today, we were unsuccessful. As far as we know, there have been no preceding messages on system maintenance or new websites or anything similar. 

Accordingly, we believe that this exchange has closed down and we have marked it as "dead" in our Exchange Graveyard. If the exchange's website would become accessible again and the error is just temporary, we will "revive" it and bring it back to our Exchange List.

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Decentralized Exchange

Limited amount of trading pairs

Up to 100x adjustable leverage


Dedicated Live-chat Support


Stop Loss & Take Profit Orders Available


eXFi is the new kid on the block. This decentralized exchange launched in 2022 and is based out of Seychelles. The exchange uses Layer 2 technology to offer the best prices without deviating from the global norm. You can use their 100x leverage offer to purchase and invest strategically here. 

The eXFi user interface is intuitive and combines all the advantages of a CEX with those of a DEX. It has a user-friendly interface with all essential trading tools and information, such as opening timestamp, margin used for the trade, open price, last price, expected liquidation price, take-profit and stop-loss prices, commissions paid, funding fees, unrealized and realized pnl and return on investment.

You stay in full control of private keys, as eXFi is a DEX you can be sure that nobody will hand over your data when opening an account.

Platformi has no deposit fees, and withdrawal fees are on par with industry averages.

USDT, MATIC, DAI, USDC, LINK, WBTC, PAX  and any other erc20 token listed on the trading platform are available for deposit.

eXFI offers 100x leverage, it allows you to "borrow" assets from the DEX and execute larger trades than you could with your actual amount of funds. 

As an example, let's imagine that the price of 1 Ethereum is 1000 USD, a long ETH/USD position would normally cost you 1000 USD to execute, while using 10x leverage you could open the same trade with 100 USD in your account.

This DEX allows you to take advantage of up to 100x adjustable leverage on all supported trading pairs.

eXFi offers extremely low trading fees. Both the taker and maker fees are significantly below the industry average, according to our latest empirical crypto fee survey. At eXFi the taker fee is 0.060% for market orders and the maker fee 0.019% for limit orders.  

The current selection of tokens here is rather limited. This is not the reason users will be coming here. But if you find the trading pairs you’re interested in below, you can enjoy the other benefits of this decentralized exchange.

Here is a complete listing of trading pairs as of August 2022:


There are no reports that eXFi is a scam. The platform remained stable during our extensive testing and performed well under load. Users stay in full control of their private keys, no KYC is required. Thus eXFi is one of the safest trading platforms.

This decentralized exchange welcomes investors from the United States. Crypto enthusiasts in the United States will have no problem signing up here and using the full collection of services offered, including deposits and withdrawals. 

In addition to spot trading, eXFi offers a number of other trading options. Here is a partial list.

  • Leveraged (up to 100x)
  • Perpetual Futures
  • Take Profit Orders
  • Stop Loss Orders


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