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Bitypreço is a crypto marketplace in Latin America. It was created in 2018 and connects 28 exchanges from around the world. On their platform, users can compare offers and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT at the best price. They also offer 18 other cryptocurrencies for trading.

Bitypreço is the leading platform in Brazil for Bitcoin and Ethereum trading. It has the highest trading volume in the country. Internationally, Bitypreço is ranked second, with only Binance ahead of it.

BityPreço connects multiple exchanges in one place to find the best prices for buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. It functions as a marketplace, similar to a shopping mall, where various sellers, retailers, and services are gathered together.

Customers have total freedom to search and compare the best prices. This concept also applies to the cryptocurrency market. Bitypreço brings together offers from top national and international brokers to provide the best conditions for buying, selling, and trading digital currencies. All on a simple platform.

The platform compares the price of Bitcoin on various exchanges. It considers all existing rates and provides the best option for buying or selling in real-time. This allows you to trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies quickly. You can always get the best price and never miss a good offer again.

The best price on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. By offering its own offers and offers from 28 national and international exchanges, Bitypreço always offers the best price on these cryptoassets. You can confirm the best price on various crypto assets through the site. As well as that the crypto firm offers the following great features;

  • There is no trading fee for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and all 17 other cryptocurrencies with Express Trade.

  • No deposit and withdrawal fees on Solana Network and Binance Smart Chain. 

  • No deposit and withdrawal fees for Brazilian Reais.

Customers have the ability to define specific triggers. These triggers will automatically execute asset sales or purchases if the token reaches a predetermined price.

You can use the price calculator on Bitypreço to calculate the value in Brazilian reais for a specific amount of cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, you can also calculate the amount of cryptocurrencies you can get for a defined value in Brazilian reais.

There is a wealth of pairs available at Bitypreço, many of which offer access to the gold standard cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as a range of other unique emerging cryptos. The full list is available below:

  • BTC - BRL
  • ETH - BRL
  • USDT - BRL
  • SOL - BRL
  • LINK - BRL
  • USDC - BRL
  • XRP - BRL
  • ADA - BRL
  • DOT - BRL
  • BNB - BRL
  • UNI - BRL
  • LUNC - BRL
  • CAKE - BRL
  • PAXG - BRL
  • GMT - BRL
  • AXS - BRL
  • SLP - BRL
  • CRZO - BRL
  • ABFY - BRL