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Exchange Fees

BTC Withdrawal Fee 0.000079 Taker Fee 0.10% Maker Fee -0.01%

Deposit Methods

No Wire Transfer No Credit Card


  • Easy signup
  • No geographic restrictions


  • Fees are high

BitEclipse allows users to buy multi-asset funds with cryptocurrencies. 

BET or BitEclipse Token is a non-blockchain beneficial token which can be used to accrue benefits and privileges. Accumulating BETs improves the user's rank which in turn makes them eligible for features like API release, transacting anonymously, IB affiliator and IB affiliate reward, using it as margin funds etc. 

Here, you can see all the benefits that accrue to you as you accumulate BETs. 

BET Token benefits

BET Token benefits

This token was launched in December 2019 and the total circulation limit was capped at 100 million BET tokens. Currently, this token might have limited to zero usability on other platforms. However, based on the company outlook on the website, this token could be re-organized into a blockchain-based cryptocurrency and listed on other exchanges in the future. Listing in other exchanges could significantly improve the liquidity levels for BET tokens.

IB stands for Introducing Broker, and is basically the referral program used at BitEcplise. This unique structure will allow you to earn commissions not only on the trades your direct referrals make, but also on secondary referrals, tertiary referrals, and all the way up to the tenth layer. 

You will also need to own at least 250 BET, the native token of BitEclipse, in order to begin earning commissions on your referrals.

Trading fees are specific to each type of trade you can carry out. For Foreign Exchange (FX) trades, the fee is a flat 0.05 pip. This means you will multiply the amount you are trading by 0.05 to arrive at your fee.  So, if you want to trade $1,000, your commission would be $50. 

Commodity trading fees will be a total of 0.200 pip. The crypto CFDs come with a 0.115% fee when we add together the taker, maker, and Introducing Broker Commission. 

BitEclipse has a fee discount program as well. It is based on how much you pay in monthly fees. If you pay more than $1,000, you will earn 10% back. If you spend $2,000 in monthly fees, you will get 20% back. This continues up in this way up to $10,000, which will earn you 100% of your fees back. 

Many exchanges charge a fixed fee rate for takers and makers trading in cryptocurrencies. This fee model can also be called a Flat Fee rate. But BitEclipse does not follow this model. In fact, market makers are rewarded on this platform. It charges 0.10% for takers and -0.01% for makers. This is definitely a competitive rate.

There are no defined deposit or withdrawal fees at BitEclipse. However, users will have to incur a miner fee (which is typically the network fee) when withdrawing their funds.

BET Token benefits

BitEclipse allows you to invest in multi asset classes using your cryptocurrencies. You can do this 24 hours a day and 265 days a year. A multi asset class is a combination of asset types used as a single investment. 

These multi asset classes at BitEclipse include assets from the Foreign Exchange Market (FX), commodities, Index CFDS, and crypto. You can trade them BTC, ETH, or XRP.

You can set up a copy trading system. In this scheme, one trader will pay a portion of their fees to another trader in order to copy their every move. You can sign up as both copier and as copied. If a trader copies you, you will earn some of their fees, 0.10 pip to be exact. 

You cannot copy an investor who copies you, as this would create an infinite loop. 

BitEclipse does not support any fiat currency. This makes them a secondary exchange, meaning you will have to have gotten ahold of cryptos somewhere else in order to deposit them here. BitExchange is not primarily an exchange for trading between cryptos, rather it is primarily for using cryptos to invest in other asset classes. You can use BTC, ETH, and XRP for this. 

We could not locate any information on the website which indicates that the portal supports non-fungible tokens. Although this platform has an extensive range of product offerings, NFT doesn't seem to be part of the list at the time of writing this review (July 2022).

BitEclipse has extra security built into their wallets. They provide both a hot and cold wallet in each account. Think of this as a savings and a checking account. So, the checking account (the hot wallet)  will have more access to external accounts, and the savings account (cold wallet) will have more security. 

Their site is not in great shape, leading us to assume that it could be littered with bugs in general. Our research into other users’ experiences confirms this. 

BitEclipse does have a mobile app. You can download it from the store that corresponds with your device, though it does not seem to be available directly from their desktop website.

Signing up with BitEclipse is as easy as can be. Because it is a second-tier and decentralized exchange, you do not need to submit identification here. With an email and a password, your account is up and running! There are no geographic restrictions on who can sign up. US investors are welcome here! 

Because the account registration is so thin, we would recommend enabling 2FA (two-factor authentication). 

BetEclipse does offer a lot of crypto investing options for investors from anywhere in the world.