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BTC Withdrawal Fee 0.0002 Taker Fee 0.01% Maker Fee 0.01%

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No Wire Transfer Yes Credit Card

BiKing Exchange, established in 2017, stands as a prominent player in the world of secure cryptocurrency trading. Committed to a user-oriented approach, the platform boasts a professional team, stable market data, secure software systems, and diverse trading methods.

With a focus on providing a fast, transparent, and comfortable trading experience, BiKing Exchange has become a trusted choice for users globally. The platform's comprehensive services, including a robust anti-risk price mechanism, fund security guarantee, and top-tier technical support, make it a reliable destination for those seeking a secure and efficient cryptocurrency trading environment.

  • Fast Experience — Prioritizing a user-friendly, convenient, and comfortable trading experience. Transparent processes and a microsecond-level matching system.
  • Anti-risk Price Mechanism — Utilizing multiple sources to support Trading Pair index and data. Protecting users from risks and losses under extreme market conditions.
  • Fund Security Guarantee — Conducting deposits and withdrawals through multiple offline signatures. Employing microsecond judgment, deep cold storage, and bank-level risk control.
  • Top Technical Team — World-class technical team supporting development for an enhanced user experience.
  • Tiered Reduction Mechanism — Reasonably triggering risk control mechanisms based on market fluctuation. Ensuring constant protection of valuable user assets.
  • 24/7 Customer Support — Round-the-clock customer support is available to address concerns.

BiKing Exchange remains the preferred choice for the majority of users, deserving your trust.

BiKing supports high-potential cryptocurrencies with a record of zero-delisted trading pairs, ensuring a diverse range of supported assets. The platform implements a quality assurance system to maintain listing standards.

Participating in the BiKing Affiliate Program not only provides the opportunity to enjoy multi-level rebates and generous gifts, including a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, but it also opens doors to a dynamic community of like-minded individuals, fostering collaborative growth and success in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

BiKing Exchange is a professional blockchain derivatives trading platform adhering to global compliance operations. It holds MSB licenses in the United States and Canada, offering quick contracts with controllable costs and low slippage. The platform provides strategic choices through deep matching of perpetual contracts, a perfect opening and holding mechanism, and a diversified welfare system for a comfortable user experience.

The user-friendly BiKing mobile application offers a streamlined and intuitive interface, empowering traders with the flexibility to execute transactions, monitor market trends, and manage their portfolios conveniently, regardless of their location.

    • Popular futures trading function with strong anti-fluctuation capabilities.

    • Better market depth, convenient order placement, and low losses.

    • Various personalized order options, including free adjustment of leverage and switching of margin units.

    • Based on USDT, providing a convenient digital currency trading experience.

    • 0.00% Maker and Taker fees to encourage user participation and liquidity provision.

BiKing Exchange, a diversified centralized trading platform, consolidates functionalities for a seamless user experience, including the introduction of the GameFi Zone to cater to blockchain-based gaming interests. BiKing is committed to integrating decentralized functionalities for enhanced accessibility and versatility in the future. For more information on partner recruitment, visit the official BiKing website.


Introduction to BiKing Exchange

BiKing Exchange is a world-leading digital asset trading platform in Singapore, holding US/Canada MSB dual licenses, and providing services such as trading, storage, and management of various digital assets.

What products does BiKing Exchange provide?

BiKing Exchange provides the following products: Perpetual Futures - excellent depth, instant matching; spot trading - 0 procedures, fast transactions; documentary community - senior traders, stable strategy orders; bonus trading - unique Model, continuous benefits; Web wallet - decentralized one-stop service.

How to register BiKing Exchange?

You can register on the official website of BiKing Exchange or the BiKing APP. Click Register and complete the registration process to use BiKing Exchange for digital currency investment and wealth management.

How to buy digital currency through BiKing Exchange?

BiKing Exchange supports multiple payment methods and multiple fiat currencies, providing more choices and convenience for global users. No matter which country or region the user is from, they can easily use the currency to purchase digital currency

How to trade digital assets?

You can choose the digital asset you want to trade on BiKing Exchange, enter the trading page, choose to buy or sell, enter the transaction amount and price, and confirm the transaction. BiKing Exchange supports a variety of digital asset transactions, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

How does Biking Exchange guarantee the security of user assets?

BiKing Exchange adopts multi-layer encryption technology to ensure the security of user information and assets and adopts a storage method that separates hot and cold wallets to ensure the security of user assets.