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B2BinPay v18 Merge Function Allows Users To Enjoy Unified Access

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Shortly after the massive v17 release, B2BinPay is making significant strides forward. With the launch of the v18 version, B2BinPay introduces a new chapter for the platform while upholding its dedication to excellence. 

This version simplifies handling cryptocurrency transactions by combining the Merchant and Enterprise models into a single account system. To enhance user experience and ensure safety, this version also features a new front end and increased regulatory compliance. 

Let's explore these fascinating enhancements and examine how they mesh with B2BinPay's existing ecosystem

The Nature of Account Unification 

The most prominent upgrade for B2BinPay customers with the v18 release is account unification, also known as Merge, which offers a whole new way to use the platform's main features. 

This upgrade streamlines the platform by combining the two main B2BinPay account types, Enterprise and Merchant, into a user-friendly interface. Customers may now modify features to suit their needs and manage transactions directly within a single digital system. This innovation gives customers more power and flexibility to change their accounts while streamlining every process. Let's take a closer look at the advantages that users of B2BinPay can anticipate from this account fusion.

Simplified Account Creation And Administration

B2BinPay has effectively merged the Merchant and Enterprise user accounts to create a single full-stop service hub. With only one account, users may now access the features of both service types. Additionally, this streamlines the registration procedure so that users can utilise B2BinPay's diverse set of services without grasping the complex intricacies of each type of account. Thanks to this simplified process, businesses can begin using B2BinPay services right away and concentrate on what matters—their company growth. 

Effortless Onboarding 

The v18 update makes onboarding a simple, one-time process requiring each user's fixed price payment. After onboarding, customers don't have to worry about additional fees or time-consuming administrative procedures to meet their expanding business requirements. It's a smooth process that values the client's time and promotes growth.

Redesigned Front-End With Improved Features

Beyond an optimised user interface, the v18 version of B2BinPay delivers a new look that complements the well-known B2Broker design. Thanks to B2BinPay's increased system security and speed, customers can now access a reliable and intuitive front end. To make the transition smooth and natural, B2BinPay has maintained the essential elements that users have become accustomed to. The features listed below got comprehensive renovations:

Upgraded Wallet & Transfers

There are much fewer clicks and processing times needed to access B2BinPay's services thanks to the streamlined interfaces and expedited procedures. Moreover, B2BinPay has improved the user interfaces for bank withdrawals, exchanges, and payments, simplifying all financial processes and saving users significant time.

Enhanced Account Menus And Additional Security

B2BinPay has improved the security and accessibility of the account administration interface. The new Account Menu makes managing API access, setting preferences, and customising client profiles easy. Two-factor authentication (2FA) further heightens the security levels across the board. To provide safe and secure financial transactions, the Payment Page has also been changed to follow the new, user-friendly design principle.

No More Time Limits Within Invoicing

The seven-day merchant invoice expiry restriction has been lifted, giving customers more flexibility and choice over how they keep an eye on their finances. With this upgrade, businesses may adjust the timing of their invoices to suit their distinct business processes better. 

Intuitive Customer Support

With swift access to multilingual assistance within a clearly defined timetable, the Helpdesk User Experience has been dramatically enhanced. With the new sticker alerts for incoming communications, staying informed about your helpdesk tickets has never been easier.

Rates UX Improvements

There are now better favourites and filtering tools available in the Rates UX. Additionally, rates may now be accessed on a top-level menu through the wallets section, improving user access and management of currency rates.

FATF Travel Rule Compliance

B2BinPay is dedicated to upholding the highest regulatory compliance standards in all business areas. The company has integrated Notabene, a new provider of Travel Rule solutions, to guarantee compliance with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Travel Rule guidelines.

The FATF Travel Rule is a regulatory measure designed to combat money laundering and other unlawful activities in cryptocurrency transactions. It mandates that Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) collect and share specific personal details from both senders and recipients in crypto transfers. This rule plays a crucial role in safeguarding against fraud in crypto transactions, allowing for the monitoring of anonymous transfers, and identifying potential illegal activities.

Final Remarks

With the assistance of B2BinPay, the powerhouse cryptocurrency payment platform, businesses can easily, securely, and efficiently handle cryptocurrency transactions abroad. The platform's main objective is to provide users with safe and seamless payment processing options that get the job done without hassle, and the v18 upgrade is a definitive example of this commitment.



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