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2023: 4 New Crypto Launches to Watch

There are new crypto projects and wallets launched every day, but only a few prove to be of real value to the market and hold true potential. Here are four new cryptocurrency launches to watch in 2023. 


Recently launched C+Charge (CCHG) is a sustainable, eco-friendly crypto project. In an effort to encourage ownership of electric vehicles, this crypto project offers carbon credit when EV drivers recharge. 

CCHG allows EV drivers to recharge with tokens and benefit from uniform pricing. Currently, at the first stage, CCHG tokens come at the cost of $0.013, and at the final stage will cost $0.0235 each. The C+Charge project has already partnered with an EV charging company and will undoubtedly continue to partner with more in the future.

2023 - 4 New Crypto Launches to Watch 1


Calvaria (RIA) is a rewards-based new game, and the token is now in its presale. Since launching, the $RIA token has already raised more than $2.5 million. The window for investors to purchase tokens is short as it is already in its final stage, with less than 20 million presale tokens left. The RIA project will then come to exchanges and the broader crypto market.

Many who want access to the crypto market use a trading platform such as a forex broker to access various assets and currencies, including cryptocurrencies. One reason many use a broker is that it offers the potential to invest in the wider crypto market through CFD trading, which does not require holding the particular asset but instead speculating on price moves.


Another play-to-earn game to watch in 2023 is Tamadoge (TAMA), which launched in July 2022. Tamadoge allows players to breed digital animals, raising them to adulthood and then battling out against other players' pets. Players are rewarded with tokens for various actions, including winning battles and caring for pets. 

The presale phase of TAMA sold out quickly, going for $0.01 per token, and started selling at a top price of $0.194 in September last year. Since its listing, TAMA has remained a favorite meme coin, and the NFT collection is also trending.

2023 - 4 New Crypto Launches to Watch 2


Another eco-friendly crypto project to watch this year is IMPT which has already generated a lot of interest. Offering token owners the opportunity to fight against climate change has already generated a lot of interest, selling $20 million during its presale.

IMPT tokens are transformed into carbon credit NFTs used for environmentally friendly projects aiming to tackle climate change. One carbon credit is equivalent to one ton of CO2. Big names like Nike, Decathlon, Tripadvisor, and Dyson have already partnered with IMPT. 

To find out about and keep track of the latest crypto launches and benefit from presale prices, keep an eye on ICO calendars, upcoming crypto events, and the biggest exchanges. As with any investment, extensively researching new crypto projects is vital. Especially important is getting to know the developers behind the project and what assurances are offered in case of fraudulent activity. 2022 was certainly a challenging year for the crypto markets, but the long-term outlook appears bright, with lots of new projects launching all the time. 



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