Women in Crypto

Women in Cryptocurrency

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Women in Cryptocurrency

This is an infographic on women in cryptocurrency prepared for us by MrBTC.org.

The percentage of women involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain is far lower than that of men. But, it’s important for the women to quickly adapt and invest in cryptocurrencies to not miss out on the high share of wealth that cryptocurrencies can bring. Let’s see some of the female early adapters and movers in the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology space who are really prominent.

We really believe that for the industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to evolve, it must take both male and female perspective into account. And how can it take female perspectives into account if there are no females in the business? This is one of the many reasons to why the below female cryptocurrency enthusiasts are so very important.

One possible reason to why men dominate the cryptocurrency space is that men are generally less risk averse. As cryptocurrencies generally tend to show a lot more volatility than other financial instruments, it is not surprising that they have been more appealing to men. We do believe however that this is something that is about to change. Maybe not tomorrow, but within short.

Now let’s look at 8 important female figures in cryptocurrency!

Women in Cryptocurrency





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