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Which Businesses Have Supported the Crypto Industry and Allowed Growth?

The movement from where crypto began to where it is now has been quite a change. One of the main reasons for this has been a number of different business sectors getting behind the crypto industry and offering it a platform. Over the next decade, we are going to see many more changes, with new industries coming on board, but those that started everything off are not likely to be going anywhere.

If the cryptocurrency industry does move into the mainstream, it will need more sectors on board, but cannot forget those who facilitated the start of this. But who has been a big supporter of the industry so far?

Crypto, Casino, tourism

The Casino Industry

Many new internet casinos launched with cryptocurrency as a payment method for players. This industry was one of the first to give the cryptocurrency industry a push forward, and in the past, we have seen a large number of transactions take place, accounting for a lot of movements with Bitcoin.

This biggest area where we could see cryptocurrency and gambling really rise is if bigger areas that carry sought after gambling licenses, such as the USA and the UK Gambling Commission, were to bring something in that would allow cryptocurrency betting, as this is not currently allowed.

Should this happen, more people would have crypto betting available to them, and there would also be a lot more confidence behind it too. This is likely to mean changes to how crypto works with betting, probably with checks to prove who people are, which won’t appeal to some but could open the industry up to a lot more people.

If you look at crypto spending online, the betting industry has always been one of the most popular options. Moving forward over the next decade, if the betting industry opens up to allow crypto in more places, then there is a real chance it will easily be the biggest contributor for years to come, and a real chance for crypto to bring in some new people.

Crypto, Casino, tourism

The Tourism Industry

The tourism industry brings together people from all over the world. You could easily find yourself being in one country, booking with a company in another country and arriving at a destination that is in a third country.

With all of this, knowing how you pay, what currency to use and the current conversion rates is not easy to understand for travellers. With that in mind, the cryptocurrency industry has always been well supported by the tourism industry.

We can have people filling their crypto wallets and spending money around the world, across many different countries and not having to worry about any of the above.

There are many issues for travellers, with bank charges on some payments, a lack of cash options and this is made much tougher if you are visiting multiple countries. In many ways, cryptocurrency was made to solve problems like this, so if more people come on board, many of them are likely to use crypto in this kind of scenario.



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