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Where to Buy NFTs: A Review

You’ve done your research. You know what NFTs are, how they work, and have looked into the NFT economy. Now that you’re looking for NFTs though, you’ve noticed that there are a lot of avenues for purchasing them! Let’s take a quick look at where to buy NFTs, which ones to choose, and how to pick trustworthy merchants.

Avoiding Fraud

Before we delve into all of the places to buy NFTs, let’s make sure we know where not to buy NFTs. There are a number of fraud scams for NFTs and cryptocurrency to avoid, luckily, if you know what to look for it’s easy to keep yourself out of trouble.

First and foremost, any website that asks for you private key for your crypto wallet is scamming you. You do not have to share your private keys to purchase NFTs, keep these to yourself.

Next, lookout for fake personas, and phishing schemes. If you are buying an NFT, it should be from an accredited site. If anything shows up in pop-ups claiming a too-good-to-be-true NFT drop, avoid it, it probably is too-good-to-be-true. Research every site you buy from, and don’t share any personal keys or passwords.

What do I Need to Buy NFTs?

Now that we’ve got fraud out of the way, you’ll need to prepare to purchase NFTs. The vast majority of NFTs are traded in Ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency of Ethereum. A number of the sites we will mention for purchasing NFTs will help you convert USD and other currencies into Ether, so don’t worry, it’s not difficult. You will need to prepare to make this exchange, or do so prior to your NFT purchase.

Where to Buy NFTs?

Okay, it’s finally time to talk about where to buy NFTs. While there are plenty, we’re going to focus on a few:




BeyondLife has an excellent selection of NFTs, and makes it easy to purchase and trade. Users can make purchases directly with credit or debit cards, as the system will convert your USD or other into Ether automatically for the purchase. NFTs can be easily traded over the network, drops are announced frequently, and many high-value NFTs are featured on the network. If you are worried about the NFT trading game, no need to look any further than to get started.


OpenSea was founded in 2017 and is based in New York. OpenSea allows users to filter NFTs easily, and features a diverse selection of assets, ranging from audio, to virtual assets, to artwork, there are plenty of choices for new users and veterans alike. Additionally, OpenSea supports a number of blockchains, and is one of the largest NFT marketplaces available today.


Much of Mintables publicity comes from the big names behind it, Mark Cuban being one of them. As with most NFT marketplaces, Mintable allows the conversion of currency to crypto—whether it be Ethereum or Zilliqa. The unique offerings of Mintable are in its cooperation with MetaMask. This allows for users to utilize and generate crypto wallets that are diversified and integrated with their NFT collections.

Mintable also supports gasless minting and easy auctioneering. 

For those looking to dive a little deeper into the investment side of NFTs, Mintable is an excellent resource.


Coinbase has been one of the top names for cryptocurrency minting and trading for a number of years, and has just begun breaking into the NFT game. While still offering a number of the opportunities of other marketplaces, Coinbase’s NFT marketplace is made like a social network. It is focused on connecting with artists, and following and championing the creators throughout the NFT trading process. For those interested more in the art-trading side of NFTs, Coinbase may be your best avenue.


BeyondLife is an NFT marketplace focused on rarity, creation, and culture. With a number of unique and prized drops, BeyondLife is one of the best avenues for those looking to get into the niche art side of NFTs. Whether you are a comic book fan, or a Bollywood fan, BeyondLife has resources. Additionally, BeyondLife is highly friendly to creators, and provides simple tools for creators to release unique NFTs for trade, contributing to the ‘rare NFT’ economy.

How do I Decide Where to Buy NFTs?

While these are only five of a large number of choices regarding where to buy NFTs, it still can prove difficult to choose one. When you are asking yourself where to buy NFTs for your investments or personal collection, look for the marketplace that feels most natural and intuitive to you. You want to find the content you are looking for, in a way that makes sense to you. If you don’t like a platform, switch to another. Many of these options allow for cross platform trading, and the more you diversify, the more opportunities you provide yourself.



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