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What Kinds of Regulation Do Crypto Casinos Have?

You hear all about making sure a casino is regulated before signing up but do you know what exact regulations to look out for? What kind of regulations exist at online cryptocurrency casinos. Which ones should you be so particular about, and which ones can you afford to dismiss- if there's any. Are the rules the same as that of conventional casinos?

Let's take a quick trip through the world of crypto casino regulations to discover just what you need to know about crypto casino licensing and registration.

A Gambling License

You'd notice the first common thread with all top cryptocurrency casinos is that a reputable gambling regulator licenses them. For example, the Government of Curacao's gambling licensing authority provides licenses to top domains like

We know it's not always the easiest thing to obtain a UKGC or MGA license. However, every crypto casino is expected to have at least the stamp of the Government of Curacao’s gambling license.

Third-Party Auditors

Checking out licenses is a great way to separate the real casinos from the rogues. However, it doesn't say much about mainstream regulations. The presence of third-party auditors goes a long way to keep your mind at rest, which is why the UKGC or MGA license counts so much. Since third-party auditors operate autonomously from the casino, you can trust that whatever casino they satisfy is honest, transparent, and fair. You can also expect that the casino is safe, secure, and player-oriented.

Note, though, that some casinos claim to audit themselves. By all means, be wary of casinos that came to regulate themselves.

What Kinds of Regulation Do Crypto Casinos Have

RNG Certification

A reputable cryptocurrency casino should also be RNG certified. You need to be sure that all the spins and hands dealt would be random. It would hurt ever to realize that the spins on each game are not truly random. So watch out for the RNG certification. ITech Labs deliver this certification, TST, eCOGRA, Provably Fair, and others.

Financial Authority Approval

Beside Third-Party Editors, a separate regulator should be in charge of monitoring transactions made at the casino to ensure that payouts are delivered in safe and efficient ways. To find more information about this, check out your casino's privacy policy or the "About Us" page.

Access to Responsible Gambling Programs

Licenses and Regulations are a good way to find top crypto casinos. However, they are not the panacea for the perfect selection. The best crypto casinos don't care only for profits. They will offer you player protection and responsible gambling. This comes with deposit limits, withdrawal limits, the ability to help you to compulsory breaks even when you feel you don't need it. The casino should also provide additional support like Gamblers' Anonymous.

It sounds like so much to check for, doesn't it? But all of these are essential if you will choose the best cryptocurrency casino out there.



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