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You fully control your keys • Medium anonymity • Easy to use


Yes Buy & Sell No Vouchers & Gift Cards Yes Debit Card

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Android, iOS

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Zumo is a cryptocurrency wallet designed to make it easy for everyone to get started with cryptocurrencies. It is a non-custodial smart wallet, it allows everyday users to buy, hold, exchange and sell the world’s most popular crypto assets, Bitcoin and Ether, with full transparencies on the network fees as well the Zumo fees. Launched in 2020, Zumo is based in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, and is available on both Google and Apple devices.

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Zumo’s stated mission is to allow everyone to access the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With the highly secure decentralized mobile wallet, Zumo customers can purchase, sell, store and send digital assets and spend traditional fiat currencies. The company was co-founded by Nick Jones and Paul Roach, it raised over £1 million from a crowdfunding campaign in 2020. The Zumo Convertible debit card is coming out in 2021, meaning that users will then be able to convert cryptocurrencies and spend wherever Visa is accepted. For more information, go to the Zumo website.

Within a year of launching, Zumo became a top 5 finance app on both the Apple and Google Play stores, a mark of its slick interface, usability and security. Catering largely to everyday investors, Zumo has quickly built a five-figure audience following a period of tremendous growth, and is scheduled for a Series A funding round in June, 2021, when it expects to raise £10 million.

Zumo prides itself on its transparent and low-fee environment, with a flat 0.5% Zumo exchange fee on all currency swaps (sending, receiving and loading funds is free). The only other fee users must pay is the regular blockchain network fee, which is shown on the exchange confirmation screen for users to confirm or reject. 

Fees associated with the Zumo debit card are outlined on its website.

As Zumo is a non-custodial wallet, users’ crypto assets are not stored by the platform; rather, they are held on the blockchain and accessible only to the owner of the private keys. Because Zumo does not store or have access to users’ crypto funds, its security is entirely robust, with all transactions secure, traceable and immutable. 

Zumo uses 1,000,000 PBKDF2 iterations in the process of deriving encryption keys for security access, ensuring user safety at all times.

You can find the Zumo cryptocurrency wallet on App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices respectively.