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Founded in 2017, Singapore-based CoinRemitter is a holistic crypto-services platform offering a plethora of services like digital wallets, digital invoicing, currency swaps, cryptocurrency payment gateway services etc.

CoinRemitter Review

The company has onboarded many companies and vendors from across the globe. Considering the increasing number of websites that accept Bitcoin and cryptos, CoinRemitter seems to hold a lot of growth potential. On the date of first writing this review (18 November 2021), the portal had more than 30,000 registered users and had processed transactions in excess of 10.22 million.

One of the interesting features in this portal is the API Services. Using Open-Source Plugin Integration feature, CoinRemitter users can embed gateways for crypto-payment processing on their apps or websites. Here’s an image of the supported open-source plugins.

CoinRemitter Plugin

Some other key features on this portal are

  • Low transaction fees
  • Compatibility with many major coins and tokens
  • Digital e-mail invoicing
  • Currency and digital wallets transactions without third party involvement
  • No KYC requirements
  • Integration gateway support at zero cost
  • Multi-wallet functionality
  • Automatic withdrawal feature
  • List your coins on your website without the need for a third party

CoinRemitter Plugin

Currently, CoinRemitter is available only on its website and does not have any downloadable Android or Apple application.

The core idea of CoinRemitter revolves around merchants and vendors.  We believe that CoinRemitter is fairly easy to use for both beginners in the crypto industry as well as for experienced users. However, there is a general expectation that the user must at least have a basic experience in cryptos.

It uses the standard 'sign up with your e-mail' procedure to create an account. 

There are two types of subscriptions on CoinRemitter; The Free Plan and the Premium Plan (PRO). The premium plan costs BTC equivalent of USD 99.99 per month. Here’s an image with the features of both these plans.

CoinRemitter Plugin

The website claims that CoinRemitter has the lowest processing fees. Fees are levied only when funds are withdrawal automatically or manually.

It charges a flat processing fee of 0.23% for all cryptocurrencies and an additional transaction fee. The transaction fee is variable and depends on the cryptocurrency. Here’s a screenshot of the fee schedule.

CoinRemitter Plugin

Some of the coins can only be accessed by a PRO member.

CoinRemitter backs all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Binance coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dash (DASH) and ERC-20 tokens.

CoinRemitter Plugin

We couldn’t find any information on the website which suggests that CoinRemitter supports ERC-721 tokens. So, we are of the opinion that CoinRemitter does not allow users to store NFTs, Crypto Artworks and Collectibles.

Yes, CoinRemitter has no KYC mandates and users can transact anonymously. However, the user will have to create an account using an active email id and verify their account before using CoinRemitter.

CoinRemitter scores well when it comes to security. The platform gives users complete control over their secret keys. It neither stores the secret phrases nor can it access the user’s account in any way.

All crypto deposits in your account are free.

CoinRemitter does not allow users to attach a Debit/Credit card. We couldn’t find any information which suggests that the portal accepts cards, wire transfers or any other medium of fiat deposits.

CoinRemitter Affiliate program

Yes, CoinRemitter has an attractive affiliate program that pays commissions from the gateway’s revenue share. Affiliates can earn up to 75% of the processing fees levied on the referred user.