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Tendies Tales for 2023 - Wall Street Memes vs. Shiba Memu. Which is the Best ICO?

The crypto industry is ablaze with new digital assets and blockchain investments emerging, pointing north toward artificial intelligence as the next compelling growth sector in the market. Among the crypto projects prioritizing AI is Shiba Memu, a meme coin with a difference whose ICO has already generated incredible momentum since launching in July.

With 2023 providing plenty of succor for investors caught up in the stormy headwinds of the crypto market in 2022, several established players in the crypto sphere, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, are regaining strength. This has laid the foundation for new coins to make hay, with Pepe Coin and Wall Street Memes taking off in investors’ imaginations.

However, in the meme coin sector, most new projects continue to follow the ingrained boom-and-bust nature with viral price action followed by huge losses in value as the coins’ lack of value is exposed, and investors lose interest. Shiba Memu is different. Leveraging AI technology to drive an autonomous AI-driven marketing capability, it leads experts across the board to predict price pumps for its native SHMU token, eclipsing those of other pretenders, such as Wall Street Memes.

What is Shiba Memu?

At first glance, it would be easy to dismiss Shiba Memu as nothing more than another cute meme coin with nothing more than a charming furry mascot to promote it. Yet, Shiba Memu is a new pioneering cryptocurrency bringing the world’s first self-marketing meme coin to the cryptocurrency market.

By combining new artificial intelligence protocols, such as natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis, Shiba Memu can seek out organic mentions of itself across the internet and assess investor sentiment towards itself. The insights from this vast amount of data inform how its self-marketing strategies should develop and be distributed. This helps promote itself, grow its community, and increase the value of the SHMU token.

This capability to autonomously create and disseminate marketing literature across the internet will help maintain a certain level of hype to sustain investor interest and maintain buy pressure on the SHMU token, keeping prices high.

This radical new approach removes the need for continuous high-effort marketing campaigns from human-driven marketing machines; typically needed to maintain Shiba Memu’s place in the consciousness of meme coin supporters. This means that the hype shouldn’t fall away once the marketing budget dries up. Instead, Shiba Memu uses AI to remain at the top of meme coin headlines.

How does SHMU work?

Shiba Memu uses its native SHMU token to provide the primary medium of exchange within the network. Its deflationary nature means that SHMU tokens are designed to diminish over time, with quarterly token burns to reduce the number of coins on the open market. This will maintain upward price momentum by ensuring demand remains high while token supply reduces over time — excellent tokenomics.

Token holders can gain access to the interactive AI-driven dashboard and oversee the progress of Shiba Memu’s marketing campaigns across all online platforms. SHMU tokens can be rewarded when the algorithm adopts users' marketing suggestions or by staking their holding in return for a passive yield.

This clever canine has generated massive demand for its SHMU token throughout its presale event. Launched in July, originally planned to last 60 days, the SHMU token was initially priced at $0.011125 per token. Shiba Memu has been increasing the value by a fixed daily amount of $0.000225, meaning that by day 60, earliest-stage investors had gained a 119.33% ROI.

Due to the colossal demand for SHMU tokens during the ICO, Shiba Memu extended its presale for 60 days until 31st October. This allows the platform time to maximize its liquidity drive, enable new investors to begin earning immediately, and allow existing investors to double their profits to a potentially eye-watering 240%.

Today, SHMU tokens are priced at $0.03633, meaning there is no time to delay. With the ICO having just days to go before closing, anyone investing today will already have missed out on 226.52% increases. However, as analysts expect, gains are still available before SHMU hits the open market and likely takes flight.

Shiba Memu price prediction

Investors expecting the usual short-term price pumps with meme coins from Shiba Memu may be surprised. With its innovative use of AI to create marketing campaigns, this precocious pup has utility in bucketloads, which will likely sustain its price performance in the long run. If coins with zero value, such as PEPE coin, can go into orbit, imagine how high the SHMU token, backed by real utility, can go.

Analysts predict that SHMU could rise to $0.70 by 2025 when the next crypto bull run is expected. With a successful ICO already defying expectations, the SHMU token will launch on exchanges at $0.0379. Reaching $0.70 by 2025 will mean at least a 15x increase for all presale investors, returns that are likely to leave Wall Street Memes and other meme coins in the distance.

What is Wall Street Memes?

Wall Street Memes is another new meme coin project launched in 2023. The project aims to reintroduce old, long-forgotten memes into meme culture, with the coin using various classic images from yesteryear to promote the native WSM token.

While this approach looks likely to capture the attention of internet users of a certain age with its retro appeal, Wall Street Memes has little in the way of genuine utility to back it up.

Wall Street Memes price prediction

Wall Street Memes is no different from other meme coins because its exact value proposition is unknown. This means that it could struggle to gain momentum over time. Experts predict WSM will struggle to get beyond $0.10 over the next few years due to its lack of utility, value, or long-term appeal.

However, this could change with meme coins across the board waking up to the need to provide some long-term incentives to maintain investor interest and their value. Right now, it is likely to be eclipsed by the likes of Shiba Memu in the race for meme coin supremacy.

Shiba Memu vs. Wall Street Memes: Which is the best crypto investment in 2023?

Pitting Shiba Memu against Wall Street Memes is an unfair fight. With infinitely more utility, innovation, and a compelling use case, Shiba Memu leaves Wall Street Memes languishing way behind in the race for the best crypto investment in 2023.

With the SHMU ICO in full swing and only days remaining for investors to potentially make quick returns, daily price increases, and serious price action are expected once Shiba Memu goes live on crypto exchanges. Any delay is money lost. So, avoid FOMO and pick up your SHMU tokens today to leave dull, no-value meme coins like Wall Street Memes behind 




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