Published 2 weeks ago • 3 minute read Utility Token VERSE Enters Public Sale To Enhance Access to Decentralized Finance

Making cryptocurrency and blockchain accessible and appealing to mainstream users remains an ongoing challenge. has plans to do so through its VERSE utility token. The public sale is now underway and continues to attract much attention. 

VERSE Is A Utility And Rewards Token

Introducing VERSE - an ERC-20 token - aims to help more people explore decentralized finance opportunities. VERSE is a reward and utility token issued to anyone who participates within the broader ecosystem. The crypto education and news leader has helped create over 35 million self-custody wallets for its users. In addition, the platform has over 5 million active users, all of whom can tap into the new reward incentives. 

Users who are active within the ecosystem - either via the website or the app - can earn VERSE in various ways. Straightforward options include cash backs paid in VERSE, trading the new token for other crypto assets, or staking VERSE to earn rewards. For those who prefer a DeFi-focused approach, there is the Verse DEX with LP incentives, and the token is viable collateral in various lending pools. 

Although the token is built on the ERC-20 token standard, the asset is designed with a multichain focus. That makes it compatible with other EVM chains. In addition, it will provide exposure to exclusive platform services and upcoming initiatives. As a result, millions of users can monetize their time on the platform with the utility token. 

The latest development in progress is the public sale for VERSE. A crypto-backed debit card - with VERSE cashback - is in development, and the team is finalizing integration with Avalanche. Moreover, the partnership with Coinbase Cloud is a big step forward on the multichain front. There is much more to explore, including NFT collectibles, the Verse Development fund, etc. 

Public Sale Is Underway

The VERSE token went through a successful private sale several months ago. A total of 10% of the 210 billion VERSE tokens were sold at the time for $33.6 million. In the public sale, another 2% of the supply is available through a fair price discovery mechanism. That means some users may acquire the tokens below the private sale price. The public sale runs for 30 days or until the soft cap is reached.

Dennis Jarvis, CEO of, comments:

“We are officially entering a new era of with the public sale of VERSE. Our team strongly believes in Verse’s mission to enhance economic independence through its utility, ecosystem rewards and low-barrier-to-entry features offered on a secure, trustworthy platform. It is with Verse that will continue to provide not only crypto-newcomers, but also crypto-natives, with the resources, tools, and technology needed to usher in the next cycle of mass DeFi adoption.” 

VERSE will reward all users who buy, sell, store, use, and learn about cryptocurrencies. 



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