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Uwerx (WERX) Is Selling Out. Can It Equal Big Cryptos Like Pepe (PEPE) And Optimism (OP)?

Most success stories started as just an idea. The idea of a new freelance platform that would revolutionize the gig economy may seem like a dream to many, but this dream will come through with Uwerx. 

With its unique features and security measures, Uwerx has attracted investors who believe it has great profit potential. This belief is reflecting in Uwerx's highly-successful presale, which is due to end on July 31, 2023.

This article will look at these features and find out if they are enough to make Uwerx as successful as Pepe (PEPE) and Optimism (OP) in the coin market. Firstly, let us look at how Pepe (PEPE) performs in the coin market.

Pepe (PEPE) Has Surprised Many

For a cryptocurrency that launched barely a month ago, Pepe (PEPE) has surprised traders with its rise. Pepe (PEPE) grew by nearly 55,000% in less than three weeks and reached a $1.8 billion market cap. The meme coin based on Pepe the Frog has become one of the fastest-growing tokens ever. 

As expected, Pepe (PEPE) gained immense attention among crypto whales and investors. Even with the recent news that Coinbase sent emails to their customers saying that the Pepe meme is an alt-right hate symbol, it still didn't reduce the hype surrounding the coin.

While many traders attribute Pepe's (PEPE) recent success to its listing in exchanges like Binance, OKX and Bilaxy, traders believe it owes its success to traders' renewed interest in meme coins.

The current price of Pepe (PEPE) is $0.00000163, and it is currently ranked #65 in the entire crypto ecosystem. Its current price represents a 21.98% rise in the last seven days.

Is Optimism's (OP) Facing Tough Competition?

Optimism (OP) debuted in the coin market as an innovative solution to Ethereum's (ETH) scalability issues. The cryptocurrency soon became a strong competitor to Polygon (MATIC). But since the emergence of Arbitrum (ARB) and zkSync, Optimism (OP) has been facing more competition than it bargained for. 

The Layer 2 protocol is a big player in the industry. Since it launched its mainnet in December 2021, it deployed over 7,000 contracts, on-boarded more than 300 thousand unique addresses and secured almost $1 billion in value. 

Optimism recently announced that the launch date for the mainnet will be made known to the public later. This news came after the project froze code for Bedrock. 

The crypto has declined by -23.95% in the last seven days. Its current price is $1.62, and the circulating supply is 314,844,141.

Uwerx (WERX) Promises More Value For Users

Unlike the above cryptocurrencies, Uwerx is yet to launch into the coin market. This revolutionary crypto is still in its presale and has already amassed significant investors. Its first, second, and third presales sold out in record time. So, what makes Uwerx so sort after by investors?

Uwerx is a blockchain-powered freelance platform that aims to disrupt the gig economy. By fusing blockchain technology into freelancing, Uwerx will offer an efficient payment system, high security, transparent pricing, decentralization, and affordable fees.

Its native token WERX has a total supply of 750,000,000, and the team has allocated 57% (427,500,000) of WERX tokens for presale. This allocation is a change from the previous 45% (300,000,000). 

The fourth presale stage, which initially had 60,000,000 tokens, now features 77,500,000. And the new 5th stage will have 72,500,000 tokens allocated. 

Uwerx has also increased its launch price to $0.095 - $0.115. However, the date from the end of the presale is still July 31, 2023. 

These allocation changes were made to accommodate the increased demand for WERX tokens from investors. To demonstrate their commitment to their investors, the founding team has decreased their token allocation from 8% to 7%.

With audit approvals from SolidProof and InterFi Network, Uwerx has ensured the security of investors' funds. To prevent rug pulls, the Uwerx team announced they would place a 25-year liquidity lock on developers' tokens. Additionally, they will renounce smart contracts ownership of the project once WERX tokens list on centralized exchanges. 

With the Alpha version of the platform scheduled for release in a few days, traders expect an increase in value. On the other hand, analysts see the value of Uwerx reaching $2.5 by Q4 2023

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