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Can Terra Classic (LUNC) Be Relevant Again? Uwerx (WERX) Presale Provides Early Investors With Bigger Gains

Terra Classic (LUNC), a token that once offered investors an inevitable chance for growth, has now become a token with almost no hope for the future. With the token falling from grace to grass, leading investors seek more profitable options for their investments, such as Uwerx, whose presale is exploding.

Terra Classic (LUNC): The Lunatics’ Choice

It’s not often that one hears crypto investors describe themselves as lunatics, but the Terra Classic (LUNC) fans were proud to be called “Lunatics.” 

The Terra Classic (LUNC) team may have begun with good intentions but fell off. Almost all Terra Classic (LUNC) users lost all faith in the token and withdrew their money, leading the token to fall from a high of nearly $120 per Terra Classic (LUNC) token to its current price of $0.000001.

For crypto investors wondering if there still is hope for the token, analysts predict that Terra Classic (LUNC) could rise to $0.000499 by December 2023, with its best-case scenario in 2028 being $0.00186, a red flag for any investor.

While the token might be a dead end for crypto investors seeking profitable coins, several other tokens have an even greater chance of tripling your investment and providing you with huge gains. One such token is Uwerx.

Uwerx (WERX): A Better Future for Your Crypto Wallet

Unlike other tokens built on unstable foundations, Uwerx is a platform with stable grounds. Uwerx seeks to be the freelancing platform that causes a tremendous positive change in both the lives of freelancers and crypto investors. 

Uwerx looks to do this by offering its users an endless list of distinct unparalleled features. Amongst these features includes a 1% transaction fee as opposed to the enormous fees offered by other mainstream freelancing platforms.

Through Uwerx, freelancers will have their hub where they can work and get paid for their work in a new form of cryptocurrency, the WERX token, while rest assured that the Uwerx platform protects both their money and intellectual properties. 

Uwerx will also include several incentivization and gamification features to end the era of freelance working being a dull, tedious, monotonous activity. Through Uwerx, freelancing will become even more fun and fabulous than it already is.

Several freelancers and clients already recognize the boundless potential Uwerx has to offer. This is why the Uwerx Telegram community boasts over 1,000 followers, with over 5,000 sign-ups on the Uwerx platform. 

You’re Missing Out If You Haven’t Joined the Uwerx (WERX) Presale

The Uwerx Presale is presently in its fifth stage, with its first presale stage completed in only 17 days and its second presale stage completed in 8 days. Uwerx has already surpassed all standards of the cryptocurrency industry as InterFi Network and SolidProof have successfully audited it. 

Before the end of its presale, Uwerx will put in place a lock-up liquidity period of 25 years to further assure its users of its security and safety. CoinSniper has listed Uwerx as one of its tokens, opening the platform to an even more comprehensive array of potential users. Uwerx will also be listed on Uniswap by the 1st of August.

Once Uwerx is launched on centralized exchanges, it will renounce contract ownership, further providing transparency and reducing potential tax-related worries. With the recent unveiling of the Uwerx Vault, users can now store their WERX tokens in the vault for varying periods. 

Uwerx is in its fifth presale stage, and WERX sells at $0.0315 per token. Uwerx offers new users a 20% bonus for every purchase, raising the bar higher than other tokens. 

As a result of the immense demands for Uwerx, the Uwerx team has had to implement several changes to the launching and allocation of the platform. Firstly, the launch price has been revised. Uwerx will no longer be launched at $0.09 - $0.11 but now at $0.095 - $0.115. 

Five token allocations will also undergo the following changes:

  1. Presale: Displaying renewed confidence, there will be an increase to 57% from 45%.

  2. Founding Team: To show that user benefits are prioritized, there will be a reduction to 7% from 8%.

  3. Partnership incentives: After reviewing new information, the Uwerx team will reduce partnership incentives to 3% from 7.5%.

  4. User performance incentives: There will also be a reduction to 6.5% from 15%.

  5. Joining incentives: To attract more users, the Uwerx team will increase joining incentives to 6.5% from 4.5%

Due to the results of a conducted Twitter poll, the Uwerx team will be carrying out a test airdrop towards the end of the token’s presale, as 92.8% of users voted for this. In addition, the Uwerx team will be locking tokens soon and not after the presale.

According to crypto experts and analysts, the WERX token is on its way to exponential growth, crossing the $3 mark by Q3 2023.

By now, you must be wondering how to get aboard the Uwerx train.

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