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Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies for 2022

Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies for 2022

Crypto startups have become one of the hottest trends in e-commerce, business, and finance. With an increasing number of coins appearing in the market, it is difficult for new and existing crypto coins to strengthen their positions. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with the right crypto marketing agency.

Is it worth it to work with a crypto marketing agency? Yes, it is. This can help you enhance your project’s proficiency, get access to new channels, and organize price breaks with influencers, social media, and more. In this guide, we’ve decided to mention the top crypto marketing agencies in 2022.

1. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo is the world’s leading crypto marketing agency with headquarters in New York. It focuses on SMM and community management by dealing with great content production, paid social promotion, PR, and media relations. It also provides video creation services (promo and explainer videos), UX/UI design, website design, and product branding.

The cooperation with NinjaPromo will make your ICO/IEO, STO, DeFi, or NFT campaigns more successful. The company has extensive knowledge of crypto marketing services. Thanks to a high level of flexibility and innovation, it can offer modern solutions in the existing current digital reality. Moreover, the agency has a unique capability to adapt to the latest development technologies in crypto marketing.

NinjaPromo provides liquidity on pre-agreed terms. So crypto companies can potentially expect the following benefits:

  •         Good level of liquidity
  •         High trading volume
  •         Fewer possibilities for price manipulation
  •         Higher interest in the token project
  •         Faster and easier listing on major crypto exchanges

NinjaPromo has an extensive network of connections to choose from. We create an outreach message, approved by you, get in touch with blockchain-related influencers, collect their responses in a collated report, and then, discuss the best options together to achieve the best result possible.

2. Single Grain

Single Grain is one of the best crypto marketing agencies. It deals with a wide range of tasks, from search engine optimization to paid ads. The team of qualified digital marketing experts is ready to promote your crypto and NFT projects.

The agency has sufficient competence to improve the current strategy and understand the target audience. With a clear understanding of new technologies, Single Grain can upgrade any brand by developing a comprehensive marketing plan. When the agency says that it can build a successful business from scratch, it really means it. Experts in SEO, lead gen, PPC, social media, and content marketing can generate the highest ROI on your crypto project.

Single Grain has a robust blog with many articles on NFTs, blockchain, and crypto. It has collected a lot of information after cooperation with top blockchain companies like Bittrex, Polymath, and Blockgeeks.

3. Coinbound

Coinbound is a crypto marketing agency that has been operating since 2018. With a focus on strategic crypto marketing campaigns, it helps crypto companies deliver their message to potential investors and users all over the world. Whether you're searching for targeted PR outreach, influencer marketing, or community management, Coinbound can help you conduct more effective business operations.

Coinbound is offering fintech, blockchain, and NFT marketing services. With the approach to business operation, it has already helped many companies such as MetaMask, eToro, Voyager, and Nexo. Believe it or now, Coinbound has formed the world’s largest network of crypto influencers and crypto media.

What makes Coinbound so efficient? The crypto marketing agency has a professional team that involves experts in NFT marketing, Defi marketing, ICO marketing, and executing marketing campaigns.

4. Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is there to turn people into cryptospace tourists. It offers a one-way ticket to the Moon and back. After the purchase, the agency aims to develop the space suit, using marketing strategy elements. The theory is then put into actual realization. A set of intelligent solutions is integrated into targeted areas that need to be improved.

Every customer has an opportunity to pick the desired service, including SEO and Google Ads, SMM, and community engagement. The agency’s team guarantees an individual approach to every customer. Every Lunar marketing strategy is developed through thorough competitor analysis, which means that Lunar customers have a better chance in the long-term perspective.

When it comes to cryptocurrency marketing, flexibility is the top priority pursued by most customers. That is why the agency adopts a fast-changing environment in order to monitor the dynamics and collect business profits.


ICODA is a crypto marketing agency that aims to bring new leads to crypto projects. Apart from crypto marketing, the agency also specializes in the creation of websites and blockchain. This makes ICODA a great partner for business companies that need help with marketing and development.

ICODA has a team of crypto experts who are familiar with the latest technology and trends in the fin-tech industry. They help private projects and startups integrate crypto into their business. Thus, they offer comprehensive assistance and promotion by revealing the absolute potential of crypto marketing mechanisms. ICODA applies a combination of Crypto PR strategies such as promo video formation, media outreach, press releases, and newswire distribution with the only purpose to spread the word about the customer’s blockchain project. There is a chance to select the airdrops and YouTube influencers. That’s how much freedom you can have here.

ICODA is interested in the collaboration with CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Forbes, Bloomberg,, and other industry-leading magazines. This way, the agency increases its reputation in the market.

The final word

The world of crypto has become an amazing new environment for both businesses and customers. What we’re observing is just the very beginning of its actual potential.

Technology will most likely advance quickly as more people join the environment. And given these trends, we can expect that companies that can successfully enter the virtual world will achieve a new level of success.

Feel free to pick the best crypto marketing agency to guide your business to the virtual world via crypto marketing. If your brand considers a crypto launch, make sure to expand your knowledge in this matter first.

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