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The Tokyo Olympics Set To Welcome 6 New Sports

The Tokyo Olympics is a tournament that gathers several athletes in Japan to participate in a series of games. With less than a few days, bookies and sports lovers are gearing up for what’s to come and how to get involved with their favorite teams.

Although the Japanese government has placed a ban on spectators for the competition, the enthusiastic energy from spectators remains just the same. More so, asides from the closeness of the competition, 6 more sports will be debuting this year. Let’s take a more in-depth look at them all!

The Tokyo Olympics Set To Welcome 6 New Sports


Skateboarding will be making its debut at the coming Olympics despite being a niche sport majorly. The skateboarding sport makes use of rails and ramps available for riders to try out different tricks. There are two courses for riders, the first being street skating, while the second is in the form of a park event. For the assessment of this sport, riders shall be judged based on how skillful they are, their speed, originality, and the heights they attempt.


Karate is a martial art founded during the Ryukyu Dynasty. This form of art has gone over the world with many adherents to its principles, so it’s no surprise that it will be debuting in the upcoming Olympics. There are essentially two disciplines under Karate: Kumite (sparring) and Kata (forms).

Kata is that discipline where athletes compete against virtual opponents, launching strategic movements and leveraging their skills. For this discipline, assessment is based on a points system involving metrics like balance, rhythm, power, speed, and strength.

Kumite, on the other hand, is the category where a weight-matched competitor faces off against another. Points are awarded on kicks, punches, and strikes landed.

Sport Climbing

The Sport Climbing sport involves both men and women. There are three disciplines to compete under, and these include lead climbing, bouldering, speed climbing. For lead climbing, athletes climb towards a particular point on a 15-meter wall and within 6 minutes. Whoever gets to the top first wins. Concerning bouldering, this involves climbing without safety ropes and within 4 minutes. Finally, speed climbing has to do with climbing a 15-meter wall using a fixed route.


This is one game many have opined to be worthy of the Olympics. Well, now it is. Numerous athletes will compete against one another in Surfing, and they will be tested based on the quality of waves they make during a 20-25 minutes period.

Baseball and Softball

While these two games are not exactly debuting at the Olympics, it’s been a while since they featured. But they will be returning to the upcoming tournament. Both games share striking similarities, although different. For instance, softball involves a larger ball and is played on a small field. Additionally, the ball is thrown underhand by the pitcher, and the bats are often ideally shorter.

Irrespective, the games involve both men and women. Notably, though, only six countries will play baseball owing to its low level of popularity.

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