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Tezro Payment Service Launches Unique DeFi Investment Feature

Tezro payment service is revolutionizing the way we look at peer-to-peer payments, offering a unique messaging service to complete a variety of payments. With a focus on crypto and fiat currency, users can make swift and secure transactions to friends, family, merchants, and much more. 

Tezro has made a name for itself for its disruptive e-commerce technology, enabling merchants and buyers to exchange goods and services through an innovative and reliable payment app. Users can pay using a variety of fiat cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC), as well as some prominent fiat currencies (USD, EUR).

The latest edition from the team at Tezro is the brand new DeFi investment feature, supporting the foundations of crypto and offering users the opportunity to invest in and support numerous DeFi projects.

All-In-One DeFi Trading App

The future of blockchain is focused on DeFi and the Tezro team recognizes this. Shaping the future of payments by incorporating blockchain technology, turning conversation with friends, family, colleagues, and clients into a way to transfer assets. 

From the homepage of the app, users can scroll to the bottom where they’ll find the home button, which has the new “DeFi” feature at the top of the icon list. From there, users will be presented with various DeFi options; including “To Invest”, “All Project”, and “Portfolio.”

Users are able to track their investments or make a new investment into a new DeFi project. Each investment will be completed with a risk level in mind, which is broken down into three catagories. These categories are as follows:

  • Low = 0-5%
  • Medium = 3-20%
  • High = 10-28%

From there, users will be prompted to choose a particular project; of which there are three main projects at the moment; Uniswap2 and Uniswap3, which were recently added to the TezroAI. You can then select the payment method, which will depend on what currency you hold (we have provided the full list of currencies available below).

Once the DeFi investment has been made, Tezro users will be able to view and track the progress of the project through the aforementioned “Portfolio” tab. This will show the monetary investment, the % yield, and a provide a general overview. 

Another great aspect of the Tezro app is users can track and monitor their investments with a handy display, detailing profits and charting the progress of your funds.

Which currencies are available on Tezros?

While the focus of Tezros in recent months has been on building their DeFi and crypto presence, they do offer fiat currencies as well. The listed fiat currencies are the United States Dollar (USD), The Chinese Yuan (CNY), and the Euro (EUR). The cryptocurrencies supported are Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), USD Tether (USDT), Euro Tether (EURT), EOS Token (EOS), Tether Gold (XAUT), and China Token (CHNT). 

What’s next for Tezros?

Looking forward, Tezro aims to build on its current DeFi offering, by adding DeFi solutions and further investment features, allowing for investments into DeFi projects, managing risk levels and monitoring their DeFi portfolio all from the click of a button. Furthermore, Tezro will add six new cryptocurrencies, strengthening the value of its non-custodial wallet. 

Closing Thoughts

The real take away from the Tezro app is that it brings together the best aspects of DeFi trading and investing, all into one easy-to-use app. With plans to expand the brand and bring a more diverse list of currencies, the inclusive trading function API could be adopted by many major messaging services. For now, Tezro offers an excellent trading platform, designed to cater to a global audience. 



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