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Tezos-Based Electis, Opening The Gateway To Democratic Voting Over The Blockchain

Blockchain-based voting is changing the game for governments and organizations that want to conduct democratic elections. The blockchain has proven itself capable of a huge array of utilities, which extend well beyond merely crypto investing and even decentralized finance. 

For those parties that want to hold democratic elections, Electis, hosted on the “green” Tezos network has created a hub for open-source voting.

Voting on the blockchain

Using the blockchain to conduct and count elections makes the voting process and ensuing results unimpeachable. The structure of the blockchain means that no one party can access or tamper with the voting process. The results of the votes are fully anonymous, while the voting process is lightning fast and secure. Electis, which conducted its first test vote in 2020, has now gone on to serve various organizations and democracies worldwide.

These include two UN stakeholder constituents, which enabled their voters to elect representatives for the 2022 Climate conference (COP27) in Egypt. In 2021 the Youth and Children Organizations (YOUNGO) made use of the voting system to allow their stakeholders to reach consensus on the focus of the charity. YOUNGO, which is the official children and youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is built from a cohort of children and youth shaping the climate change policies among governments.

Following these elections, both the Gender Constituency (WGC) and the Sustainable Energy Youth Constituency (SDG7) both went on to use the platform earlier this year. Furthermore, last year 80 universities worldwide adopted Electis as their preferred voting platform.

Digital voting of this nature ensures the democratization of votes and allows voters to participate in digital voting from anywhere on the globe, in a way that is secure and easy, thus encouraging more voters.

The relationship between Electis, which has found a foothold in climate change, sustainable energy and carbon footprint, and the green and sustainable Tezos network is clear.  Electis has become the go-to voting tool in this niche, although its applications across regions, sectors and subjects are endless.

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