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Sparklo (SPRK) Takes The Spotlight As Chiliz (CHZ) And Flow (FLOW) Announce New Partnerships

Sparklo continues wooing more investors into its alternative investment platform with an affordable early bird presale. 

Meanwhile, Chiliz (CHZ) partners with Common Goal, and Flow (FLOW) partners with Google Cloud as they seek to strengthen their platforms.

Sparklo Takes The Spotlight

A new blockchain, Sparklo, has taken the spotlight in the crypto world with its announcement that its investors will be trading on fractionalized NFTs backed by Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

With each investment, a fractionalized NFT will be minted, and users are allowed to invest in it. If one purchases an entire NFT, they can have the real-world- assets (one of the precious metals investing in) delivered to a location of their choice.

Sparklo has already been audited by Interfi Network and received a clean bill. The platform has completed its KYC application.

Sparklo has locked its liquidity for 100 years, a move that has been appreciated by analysts who deem it a positive in securing investors confidence.

The platform aims to make metal market trading accessible in all countries, giving all users the opportunity to tap into the precious metals business. This is different from other rare metal trading platforms, which have many restrictions and are inaccessible to some countries.

Another plus is that the platform will ensure faster, secure transactions with minimal fees; analysts predict its token price might be 600x in its first year.

For now, Sparklo’s presale price is only $0.017 and they are currently offering a 50% discount on all buys until May 04.

Chiliz (CHZ) and Common Goal announce a long-term partnership

Chiliz (CHZ), a blockchain building web3 infrastructure for entertainment and sports, announced it has partnered with Common Goal, a Non-Governmental & Non-Profitable organization, on a project dubbed ‘One Shirt Pledge.’

Common Goal and Chiliz (CHZ) made the announcement at the Paris Blockchain Week on the 23rd of March, 2023.

The project by Chiliz (CHZ) and Common Goal is a drive to urge athletes and sports players to pledge their jerseys and other match-worn items to raise funds.

Common Goal will, in return, use the funds on a number of initiatives like mental health, racial justice, climate change, and gender equity and offer relief aid to those affected by the earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria. 

Besides these initiatives, Common Goal and Chiliz (CHZ) believe that through blockchain technology, the two can play a role in better governance and increase transparency.

In addition, Chiliz (CHZ) will be donating 1% of its future revenue generated from its Fan Token Offerings (FTO) on its platform.

Flow (FLOW) has announced its partnership with Google Cloud

Flow (FLOW) shared the news that it has partnered with the tech giant Google Cloud in a move that will see Flow (FLOW) receive a grant of $1 million (or token equivalent).

The permissionless layer one blockchain and smart contract platform said the funds would be used to accelerate Web3 startup growth on Flow (FLOW). The impact is yet to be seen as Flow (FLOW) price has decreased by 5.21% in the past seven days to its current $0.85.

Founded by Dieter Shirley in 2019, Flow (FLOW) boasts of having more than 3000 smart contracts on its platform since its inception.

The decentralized blockchain has a few pillars they consider to be giving them leverage over other platforms;

  • Upgradable smart contracts

  • Cadence software written smart contracts

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