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Ripple (XRP) and RCO Finance Amongst Tokens with Highest Profitability, New Study Shows

XRP, the native token of Ripple's payment company, has been ranked among the five most profitable digital assets despite experiencing unsteady price actions. Equally, RCO Finance (RCOF) is considered a lucrative investment venture due to its profit projection. 

Therefore, investors keenly observe these top crypto coins as the next phase of the crypto bull run lurks around the corner. Here, we delve into the profitability record and prospect of Ripple (XRP) and RCO Finance (RCOF)!

XRP Ranks Among Top 5 Profitable Assets Despite Struggles

In a June 6, 2024, post on the X media platform, prominent market intelligence provider Santiment listed XRP as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency with the highest profitability record.

The revelation comes as Ripple (XRP) struggles to scale the $0.50 zone, inciting conversations about a stablecoin launch.  Notably, Ripple (XRP) crashed below $0.6 on April 12 and has since been unable to reclaim the indicated price point despite spotty market-wide upticks.

Nevertheless, XRP has held above $0.50 in a constant show of resilience. Moreover, Santiment’s report suggests that most of XRP’s circulating supply trades profitably. This was highlighted in the Supply in Profit data Santiment published on X.

Bitcoin (BTC), the flagship crypto, tops the list with 98.3% of its supply profitable due to it trading near its $73,000 all-time high reached on March 14. Ethereum (ETH) comes in second place, with 95.1% of its supply profitable. Chainlink (LINK) and Dogecoin (DOGE) occupy third and fourth places, recording 86.8% and 82.2% of their circulating supply in profit, respectively.

Meanwhile, XRP boasts 78.8% of its supply in profit, appearing fifth on the list. Per CoinMarketCap data, XRP trades at $0.50, following the recent market decline. However, XRP’s impressive profitability ratio makes it one of the best altcoins trading today.

Generate High Yield On RCO Finance

Staking is a major avenue through which DeFi participants generate revenue. With RCO Finance, the income generated via staking will skyrocket significantly. This possibility begs the question: what is RCO Finance?

RCO Finance is a decentralized trading platform that grants investors access to different classes of financial instruments. These assets range from stocks, shares, and bonds to real-world assets. Interestingly, investors can swap these assets with cryptocurrencies without converting to fiat.

The AI-empowered platform leverages machine learning capabilities, allowing users to invest in digital assets without necessarily sitting behind a computer screen.

The AI-powered robo advisor integrated into the system performs responsibilities like analyzing the market and scanning for lucrative investment options. Furthermore, RCO Finance is fully audited, making it safe for users to interact.

Additionally, users can lend and borrow liquidity with low interest on the DeFi platform. Given the recent exchange-traded fund (ETF) outburst, the platform has even integrated an option to trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETF). What’s more, users do not require KYC to trade on the platform!

The RCOF Presale Can Turn Your $1,000 Into $50,000!

Currently, RCO Finance is undergoing its presale, which allows investors to purchase RCOF tokens at a low cost. RCOF is in Stage 1 of its presale, valued at $0.0127 per token.

The most exciting part is that RCOF is expected to list on major crypto exchanges at $0.4 or $0.06 per token. This projection suggests that a $1,000 investment in RCO Finance could yield up to $50,000 upon listing!

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

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