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Premia Blue, the Future proof DeFi Options Exchange, is now live on Arbitrum

Press Release 

Premia Blue, the first-of-its-kind DeFi options exchange, is now live on Arbitrum.

Designed for traders and liquidity providers across all experience levels, Premia Blue offers unparalleled capital efficiency, user functionality, and composability in the DeFi space. Traders are now open to fully customizable European-style crypto options with market-driven pricing and dual trading modes—AMM and Orderbook. The only options platform in DeFi where products are composable no matter the preferred trading method.

Premia Blue opens the world to traders and liquidity providers of any knowledge, skill, or experience level thanks to its unique features, smooth UX, and easy onboarding. Liquidity providers can open pools on any ERC-20 token permissionlessly, while fully customizing their risk profile. Premia Blue's unique Smart Range Orders and Concentrated Liquidity, allow liquidity providers to maximize their capital, while one-click Strategy Vaults offer potential passive yields.

Whether one is a trader, market-maker, or liquidity provider, Premia Blue's robust feature set, including the upcoming margin, spreads, and lending products, empowers them to optimize their strategies and earn potential yield seamlessly.

As part of Premia Blue's special promotion, for a limited period, users can receive 50% of protocol commissions back on referrals during the initial month.

The Hybrid nature of Premia Blue is the best of both worlds. To compete with the big boys we knew we needed to match costs at the granular level, while offering novel primitives and transparency that the big boys cannot match. Centralized Fees, Decentralized Attitudes. - DK, Vibe Broker at Premia

Setting a New Standard in Options Protocols

Previous iterations of DeFi options protocols (including Premia V2) have followed a vault-style design.

In protocols such as these, users can provide liquidity or buy options. However, LPs have to assume risk across all strikes and expiration dates, while traders have to combat low or fragmented liquidity and inefficient pricing models.

In contrast, Premia Blue is the first crypto options exchange to merge an order book, algorithmic strategies, and an AMM, composable and fully onchain. The onchain order book is available at no cost to users published on Arbitrum Nova, so users can ensure their orders are not being censored, or front ran.

While keeping the best of the pool-to-peer protocol design with Strategy Vaults, Blue also introduces multiple new sources for liquidity: an RFQ-network, Concentrated Liquidity Pools, and the ability to expand passive management strategies via Vaults.

These sources are combined in a deCentral limit-order book fashion. As a bonus, pricing converges to become fully market-driven, and traders receive competing price quotes from multiple inventory sources.

Introducing Premia Blue's Exclusive Referral Initiative

Premia Blue invites users to embark on their DeFi journey and benefit from an exclusive offer: 50% of protocol commissions returned on referrals for the initial month. Catering to everyone from individual advocates to platform developers, this initiative is meticulously crafted to ensure rewarding experiences. Users are encouraged to register on their profile page or explore the detailed offers to discover more.

About Premia Blue

Premia Blue, previously known as Premia Finance, represents more than just a DeFi options platform. It embodies a shift towards a democratized financial landscape. Anchored in the principles of Public Redux of Economic Market and Investment Access, the platform's mission is to provide universal access to investment opportunities and foster economic empowerment.

Premia Blue's platform offers a comprehensive suite of services through the Premia Blue dApp and educational resources via Premia Academy. Whether one is a trader, a liquidity provider, or new to the space.

Initially launching exclusively on Arbitrum, Premia Blue has ambitious plans for omni-chain functionality. Users are welcome to be a part of Premia Blue's journey in reshaping the financial horizon.

For more information visit:

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Please note that Premia does not provide investment advice, and nothing herein should be construed as such. Anyone considering trading or holding derivatives or crypto assets should be aware that the risk of loss can be very high, and it is upon each individual to seek advice from an appropriate professional advisor.



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