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PR: Protect yourself from crypto exchanges that do not pay due interest to your data safety

A recent case of crypto exchange security being compromised was hackers hacking the cryptocurrency wallet of the Indian cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa. They withdrew 336 Bitcoins worth $3.1 million from it. The company reported the incident to the Delhi Police Department for the Investigation of Cybercrimes and other trading floors. To store digital money, the exchange used the service, which requests and stores user credentials.

Cashaa said that a hacker could be in one of the districts of the Indian capital.

According to Cashaa, malware was installed on a computer that was used to process applications for withdrawing user funds. Due to this, the offender found out when the exchange employee entered the wallet and transferred the funds to his address. After that, the company did not provide details about the development of the situation with hacking and stolen funds.

Reliable escape from a threatening situation with BitMix.Biz

To ensure the anonymity of your cryptocurrency, you might be helped by a special service. A special service which prevents the ability to track transactions in the blockchain of Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency. Namely, a crypto mixer. A cryptocurrency tumbler mixes coins of different users, previously breaking transactions into smaller ones. This confuses the traces of crypto transfers, thereby interrupting the chain of transactions along which it would be possible to track the user.

Today, there are already many different sites offering crypto mixing services, but not all of them should be trusted with your digital assets. Some are ineffective in cleaning your crypto from traces of previous transactions, others are just a scam.

In order not to get into an unpleasant situation of losing your money, it is worth using proven methods. One of the most efficient and guaranteed reliable cryptocurrency mixer services is BitMix.Biz. Its reliability is confirmed in several ways, as well as numerous positive reviews of real users for several years of its successful work.

Confidence that you send digital money to the correct address for mixing you will receive thanks to a guarantee letter with a confirmation key. Many competing services constantly try to copy BitMix.Biz, but they don’t ensure the reliability and anonymity of the crypto tumbler, putting the customer’s identity and money at risk.

Some specialized services, which you can learn more about by contacting customer support for the BitMix.Biz, guarantee deposits of this mixing service in the amount of USD 1,500, which ensure transaction security, so here you can safely mix large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

The effectiveness of ensuring the anonymity of your crypto transactions is provided by BitMix.Biz features of the cryptocurrency tumbler, such as delayed coin sending, variable service charge, automatic deletion of any information about the performed coin cleaning after 72 hours and the ability to instantly delete data manually after you received confirmation about successful transaction of withdrawal of mixed coins. Also, to clean amounts no less than 0.1 BTC, 0.1 Dash or 1 LTC, an extra enhanced randomization function is available.

In addition to the described high-performance features, the use of the TOR browser, where the Bitcoin (also Litecoin and Dash) mixer BitMix.Biz has a mirror. Also this crypto tumbler is supported by Clearnet and versions without JavaScript. The service also has a convenient and intuitive simple interface, available in 10 most common languages of the world, offers affiliate income and the ability to use the API key on your website.



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