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PR: Bitpanda Spotlight: New feature allows investing in emerging coin projects early on

  • The latest Bitpanda platform feature, launched today, will enable customers to get early access to emerging coins projects, giving them even more choice in how they invest.
  • Bitpanda Spotlight will host early stage coin projects with trend potential - all within the high regulatory and safety standards of the Bitpanda ecosystem.
  • Bitpanda is now open to coin creators from around the world, who can now apply to get their cryptocurrency projects listed on Europe’s leading digital investment platform.

Bitpanda Spotlight

Vienna, 2. March 2023 - Bitpanda, the leading European digital investment platform, today announced the launch of Bitpanda Spotlight, a platform feature designed to give customers access to early stage crypto projects.

Bitpanda’s Spotlight feature will host coin projects which are difficult to access on any other platform in Europe, allowing promising coins to take centre stage. It provides the opportunity to explore and subscribe to coin listings before trading is enabled. Customers of the leading European investment platform can subscribe to a specific project, and will become eligible to earn free tokens as well as receive a notification when the coin goes live.

The projects listed on Spotlight give customers the chance to invest in something exclusive and exciting, and support the technologies and ideas they are passionate about.

Wera Henriksson, Head of marketing and growth of Bitpanda Nordic commented:

“Bitpanda has always aimed to bring its customers the broadest crypto asset selection in Europe. Today’s launch means more choice for our investors, more ways to support the industry they believe in, and more opportunities to see returns in a challenging market. The risk profile of these projects will be higher, but any early stage investment is, be it a business or a coin. That choice should be available to everyone. Simply, safely, and securely.”

While the projects listed on Spotlight will have a higher risk profile than more established coins, everything listed on the Bitpanda broker will always follow the same stringent listing criteria. All offered cryptocurrencies and tokens have to go through the same vetting process as any other asset listed on the Bitpanda broker platform. The requirements take stability, developer and user number as well as blockchain and social media traction into account, amongst several other factors.

Spotlight is another example of how Bitpanda is supporting the crypto ecosystem. Coin creators from around the world can now apply to get their cryptocurrency projects listed on Europe’s leading digital investment platform. Shimmer (SMR) is the first example of such a collaboration, and will feature as the first ‘spotlight’ coin available to Bitpanda’s audiences.

Bitpanda Wera Henriksson

Wera Henriksson, continued:

“We believe in blockchain technology and the opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies and want to give the innovators in our industry the opportunity to succeed.”

Over the last months, Bitpanda has worked on expanding its product offering and enhancing user experience. The unicorn fintech company is constantly engaging with the European crypto community, and this extension is a response to what customers have asked for - namely, a wider choice of crypto coins available through a trusted, regulated and highly-secure platform.


A listing on Bitpanda Spotlight does not constitute investment advice. Coins listed via Spotlight have a high risk profile and it is important that investors understand the risks. These risks include, but are not limited to, legal, regulatory, tax and market risks and a possible loss of capital. Such risks can lead to Bitpanda having to delist such coins at an early stage and customers having to transfer the purchased coins externally or sell them within a certain period of time. The investment in such Coins bears risks, which in the worst case may lead to the total loss of the respective investment or assets.

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