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PR: Alameda Research, Anti Fund, and More Invest in GamesPad to Boost The Crypto Gaming Industry

GamesPad seeks to utilize pivotal investment opportunities to transform the crypto-gaming industry with its 360-degree gaming ecosystem.

In Brief

  • GamesPad aims to build a vertically integrated gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem, where gaming projects will have an opportunity to get advisory from the best industry experts, raise funds on a game-specific launchpad, and utilize other Defi, NFT, and other capabilities of the ecosystem.
  • Investors such as Alameda Research, Anti Fund, Animoca Brands, Polygon, Yield Guild Games SEA, Double Peak Group, Spark Digital and others have committed to investing in the future of GamesPad and its revolutionary role in the industry.

Alameda Research, Anti Fund, and More Invest in GamesPad

As emerging technology continues to expand its digital reach into every corner of our physical world and every aspect of our daily lives, gamers are finding that emerging blockchain technology is a prime hot spot for cutting-edge innovation within the industry. P2E, or play-to-earn, games are the newest way players are engaging in the gaming world, but with a profitable outcome that surpasses the traditional online gaming models. 

The average gamer spends 8+ hours per week playing in the digital realm. Competitive gaming has become increasingly popular within mainstream gaming culture which is expected to exceed over $1 billion this year. As the gaming industry intersects with the increasingly popular cryptocurrency world, blockchain and NFTs have begun to infiltrate and become a solid foundation for the newest, most profitable, and most exciting crypto-gaming projects to hit the market. 

GamesPad enters the scene as one of the hottest and most highly anticipated crypto gaming projects of the year. Founders Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan had a clear vision for the future when they proposed the idea of a holistic gaming ecosystem that combines blockchain technology, a multichain launchpad, game incubator, NFT aggregator and marketplace, yield aggregator, big gaming studio partnerships, in-house game development studio, and more - all in one space.

Many gaming projects are unfortunately cosplaying as exciting new ventures in the evolving industry of crypto-gaming. Because of this, investors are unsure which projects to support and which ones are giving them a run for their money. The founders of GamesPad sought to propel themselves above the rest by using a highly respected and skilled team of industry experts that will help them incubate and launch upcoming crypto gaming projects on this platform. 

The values of GamesPad are community-oriented, with clear intentions to help foster DeFi and blockchain gaming. They created GamesPad to help high-quality projects build a community, develop technology, and bring their game and metaverse concepts to reality. The essence of the ecosystem is not a cash grab or a flimsy trend, it was conceived specifically to sift through the dirt and pick out the gemstones, approach a project from all-encompassing angles and bring out its shine. Promoting the best and the brightest to launch us all into the future. 

The Most Anticipated Crypto Gaming Ecosystem Supported By Tier-1 Funds 

GamesPad’s promising future is due, not only to its groundbreaking concept and strengthened values but also because of the powerful companies who have come together to support the project. The evolving success of GamesPad future comes to light through the investments of Tier-1 Funds who have discovered the exciting promise that GamesPad holds. Some of the most exciting investment partnerships that GamesPad is proud to make are with prominent industry leaders such as:

  • Alameda Research 
  • Animoca Brands
  • Huobi Ventures
  • Anti Fund
  • Double Peak Group 
  • GD10 Capital 
  • AU21
  • Polygon 
  • Shima Capital
  • TPS Capital
  • Sanctor Capital 
  • Emurgo
  • Rikkei Capital Inc
  • Genblock
  • Spark Digital
  • Infinity Ventures Crypto
  • Yield Guild Games SEA

The caliber of these companies choosing to invest in this innovative project, prove just how quality the potential power of GamesPad is. Eran Elhanani, Constantin Kogan, and the rest of the team behind GamesPad are being uplifted by generous investments from influential funds who have proved themselves within the industry and see, as well as believe, in the vision that GamesPad is here to empower.

Influencers And Media Partnerships

On top of being supported by prominent investment funds, GamesPad is being praised by top influencers and media partnerships, many of whom have a far-reaching network of followers and an audience that will be highly interested in all of the unique properties that GamesPad will offer. Some of these exciting partnerships include:

  • Jake Paul
  • BitBoy Crypto
  • Altcoin Daily
  • Altcoin Buzz
  • Willyrex
  • KMANUS88
  • Crypto Futuro
  • Malcaide
  • Satoshi Staker
  • Ibcig
  • CryptoWendyO

As the crypto-gaming industry continues to unfold and evolve in new and exciting ways, GamesPad aims to stay grounded in the knowledge and expertise of an ecosystem that was specifically designed to stand out above the rest, helping to uplift promising gaming projects, and view the entire industry from a holistic perspective. While the comprised nature of GamesPad is to dynamically move alongside the exciting prosperities of the expanding industry, the powerful extension team of investors and partnerships who have joined the project have been an extremely important part of the startup's success and will continue to find exciting and innovative ways to utilize the partnerships as GamesPad continues on its pathway to success.


Dana Kachan

Head of Marketing at GamesPad

[email protected]



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