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Nova Exchange is back!

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Most of the time when a cryptocurrency exchange suddenly disappears from the world wide web, it has to do with one of the following things:

  • The exchange was a scam and the people behind it have run away with your assets;
  • It was not very successful and it decided to discontinue its operations.
  • Hackers attacked it and it received too much bad PR following the attack.

However, not all the time. For instance, Nova Exchange was not a scam, not unsuccessful and not hacked. It just simply grew too big for its previous owners.

Nova Exchange Relaunch

Now, Nova Exchange has relaunched under new management. As the first ever Swedish crypto exchange registered with the Swedish FSA (Sw. Finansinspektionen), it is aiming at creating a safe place for anyone to trade their crypto. To add trust into this new and relatively untrustworthy environment.

Nova Exchange
Nova Exchange is back.


The company behind the launch, Swedish company Goobit AB, has been operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry since 2012. It has been managing and building Sweden’s first and largest crypto brokerage service ( for six years and have now taken the next step to build out a fully-fledged cryptocurrency exchange.

Nova Exchange is based in one of the most trusted and well-regulated countries in the world, Sweden. When Forbes ranks business friendly countries, Sweden is even in the top 5 (#4). Additionally, if you look at the World Justice Project (a US based non-profit) ranking of countries in their “Rule of Law Index” (2016), Sweden is in the top there as well.

The team behind the Nova Exchange has built it from the ground up. This has been done to facilitate a safe and easy way to trade using this new technology. With advanced cold storage functionality, a team of dedicated people personally responsible for each and every coin listed on Nova and the technical team from Goobit AB and, the exchange is quickly building out to become an exchange to be reckoned with.

Registration is now open at Nova and anyone who is looking to trade is welcome to join.


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